Kyle Racing Yamaha R1 | Motorcycle Review

With many years of experience tuning some of America’s top motorcycle racing bikes in the ’90s, Dan Kyle knows a thing or two about motorcycle performance and for the last seven years has brought that knowledge to the sportbike world. 

In stock trim, Yamaha’s fire-breathing R1 is an astoundingly capable machine. However, after some detailed modifications from Kyle Racing, this particular R1 has been taken to an even higher level. (Click image to enlarge)

Decreased weight is the key to both performance and handling gains, and although the Arata 4-into-2-into-1 titanium exhaust pipe trims eight pounds, when used in conjunction with a Power commander, it also boosts horsepower. While Kyle doesn’t believe current liter bikes need any more power for the street, he is not against gaining a little extra—especially in the mid-range—where most riders will be spending the majority of their riding time. (Click images to enlarge)

A closer look at the front end reveals a set of Öhlins Road and Track forks. Featuring more sophisticated internals than the stock items, they provide a ride quality that is second to none. Complementing them is an Öhlins rear shock with titanium spring, custom tailored by Kyle for each owner’s weight and riding habits.

The stock Yamaha wheels are replaced with a set of ultra light carbon-fiber rims from BlackStone Tek. With an overall weight-saving of approximately ten pounds and therefore less rotating mass, they play a critical part in the bike’s quicker turn-in ability and overall phenomenal handling.

Sato adjustable clip-on handlebars made from high-grade aluminum allow for a more comfortable riding position. Their adjustment range of 2 to 8 degrees results in less strain on the wrists. The bars are complemented by Sato fully adjustable rear-set footpegs that can also be reversed to the GP shift pattern if desired. Made from soft-grade aluminum, they are designed to bend in the event of a crash, hopefully saving the frame from excess damage.

Braking power is dramatically increased over stock. Premium Brembo monoblock 4-piston radial mount calipers are powered by a Spiegler master cylinder machined from aluminum. Internal piston diameters come in a range of choices. The Spiegler 20mm gives a stiffer lever feel whereas the 14mm—usually preferred by manic late-brakers such as our own Contributing Editor, Doug Polen—helps get the fluid down to the pistons with as little lever pressure as possible. The back brake remains stock and (assuming you even use it) adds enough to the stopping mix without needing a change. Combining to save an additional three pounds in weight the race-spec D.I.D. 520 X-ring chain rides on a hard anodized aluminum rear sprocket and a steel front. (Click image to enlarge)With the bike weighing in at 390 pounds compared to the stock figure of 420 pounds, the Kyle Racing Yamaha has lost some significant weight to complement its real-world power increase.  Coupled with the increased handling and braking capabilities this breathtaking Yamaha R1 is clearly a winner both on and off track. 

The Kyle Racing Yamaha R1

Horsepower: 163 rear wheel
Weight: 390 pounds
Price: $25,000

Brembo Mono Block calipers and pads: $3,999
Blackstone Tek carbon wheels: $3,600
Öhlins R&T forks: $2,049
Öhlins rear shock with remote preload adjuster & titanium spring: $1,064
Power Commander PC3 USB: $279
Arata full titanium exhaust system: $1,599
Sato adjustable clip-ons: $245
Sato adjustable rear sets: $499
Sato Delrin swingarm spools: $30
Sato Delrin frame sliders: $85
Öhlins steering damper: $289
Galfer braided lines (Set): $140
AFAM 520 sprocket kit with DID ERV2 X-ring chain: $227
Brembo 19×18 master cylinder: $250
Brembo reservoir, brake light switch, hose and clamps and Sato clip-on bar mount adaptor: $350
Spiegler master cylinder with billet reservoir: $675
CRG clutch lever: $99
Sato titanium kickstand: $189


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