Arai XD-5 First Look [All-New 3-In-1 ADV Helmet Fast Facts]

We have to admit it—having debuted a dozen years ago, the Arai XD4 was getting a bit long in the tooth. Although most Ultimate Motorcycling staffers wear the XD4 when on an adventure bike, and sometimes dual-sport bikes, we wanted to see an update. While we are happy that it has DOT and Snell certification, the XD4 faceshield replacement process is a hassle, and there were probably improvements that could be made by Arai that we didn’t even consider. Well, the time has come and gone for the XD4, so let’s take a close look at the all-new Arai XD-5.

Arai XD-5 First Look: Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

  1. The Arai XD-5 is an all-new shell. It has the same “Glancing Off” feature that is at the heart of Arai’s safety pitch. Basically, the idea is that the Arai XD-5’s shell is designed to deflect impacts to your head when the helmet hits a solid object, which reduces injuries to the head, brain, and spine. This is done by creating a shell that is as round and smooth as possible while retaining strength. The shell is stronger than before, thanks to a Super Fiber strip across the forehead and different materials in various parts of the PB-clc2 shell. Every XD-5 shell is handmade by Arai artisans.Arai XD-5 First Look: Handmade Shell
  1. A multi-density one-piece EPS liner absorbs the impact that the Glancing Off technology can’t prevent. By using different densities throughout the shell, Arai optimizes the size, weight, and protection offered by the XD-5’s EPS liner.

Arai XD-5 First Look: EPS Liner

  1. As hoped, the XD-5 has an all-new faceshield and peak system. Dubbed the VAS-A system, it is patterned after the VAS-V system used in Arai’s broad range of street helmets, including the track-ready Corsair-X. Instead of getting out tools, as you had to do with the XD4 to change the faceshield, it is now done without tools. Instead, a latch releases the peak and then the faceshield, allowing both to offer tool-free replacement.

Arai XD-5 First Look: New faceshield mounting system

  1. A Pinlock 120XLT lens is included with the new Arai XD-5.
  1. The peak of the XD-5 allows plenty of airflow between the peak and the helmet shell. This should reduce fatigue for the rider’s neck on longer rides, as there’s no longer accumulation of air pressure in the area between the faceshield and peak. Also, the peak is adjustable.

Arai XD-5 First Look: Price

  1. The Arai XD-5 can be configured in three ways—Adventure, Off-road, and On-road. It can be a traditional adventure helmet with a peak and faceshield. The XD-5 can be a rugged-looking street helmet by running it with both the faceshield and peak removed. For pure off-road riding, the faceshield can be left off, and goggles used with the peak.

Arai XD-5 First Look: MSRP

  1. Scalp airflow has been upgraded on the XD-5. Air is inducted through the 3D Logo Duct (the Arai logo on the forehead) as well as the all-new chin vent (three times the flow of the XD-4), plus the AR Spoiler and Delta Duct 6 near the top of the helmet—all closeable. The exhaust vents are fixed open. Delta Duct 6, 3D Logo Duct, and AR Spoiler are all designed to break loose on impact to enhance Glancing Off. If the chin vent breaks off, it can be easily replaced, as it is mounted with a single screw.

  1. A pull-down hard-plastic Air Flap manages airflow in two different directions. The Air Flap reduces the flow of air from under the helmet into the face area. The same design also helps your exhaled breath exit the helmet. A chin curtain is optional.

  1. The Arai XD-5 is an Intermediate Oval shape, and has an all-new soft comfort liner. It can be custom fit by the user by peeling away 5mm cheek pad layers or layers in the crown pad’s temple and rear areas. The Medium and Large helmets have four different interior lining thicknesses, with two thicknesses for XS, S, XL, and XXL. There are thicker and thinner cheek pads for the XD-5 in all sizes, except for not offering thinner cheek pads for the XXL helmets. As always, the comfort liner can be removed and laundered.

  1. The new cheek pads are designed to ease the installation of speakers for a communications system. The cheek pads have room for thicker speakers and are secured via hook and loop. Plus, the neck roll has a channel for wiring. Finally, the lower ridge of the helmet has a flat surface for securely mounting communications units.

  1. The all-new Arai XD-5 should be easier to get on. The front bottom of the helmet is as much as 10mm wider, tapering down to 5mm.

  1. There are six graphics options, along with six solid designs. The price for the Arai XD-5 starts at $840 for the White helmet, rising to $950 for the graphics versions.

Arai XD-5 Photo Gallery