Schuberth C5 Carbon Review [Schuberth Performance Helmet]

Based on many years of riding in Schuberth helmets, I know any new model will be a serious addition to the company’s impressive lineup. I base this statement on Schuberth’s history of long development times, limited models, and incremental improvements to its helmet while in production. The just-released Schuberth Performance C5 Carbon is old and new—old in the sense that it’s an upgrade to the modular C5, and new in that it’s a helmet with a carbon fiber outer shell and a Kevlar inner shell.

Schuberth C5 Carbon Review: MSRP

The Schuberth Performance C5 Carbon is built by the same hands that create the F1 helmets worn by Max Verstappen, Sergio Pérez, Daniel Ricciardo, Mick Schumacher, and Nico Hülkenberg in Schuberth’s Italian factory. Schuberth Performance is a division of Schuberth GmbH of Magdeburg, Germany, and might be likened to Mercedes’ AMG division, from which its pinnacle products for motorsports are produced. The C5 Carbon is the first motorcycle helmet from Schuberth Performance.

Schuberth C5 Carbon Review: Formula 1 technology

I reviewed the C5 in May 2022, and, other than the materials used to build the helmet shell, the functional details described in that review remain constant. Carbon fiber supplants the fiberglass shell, and Kevlar replaces basalt in the inner lining, so the C5 Carbon is a lot lighter than the standard C5. 6.7 ounces lighter!

The C5 Carbon allows the interchangeability of some parts with other Schuberth helmets. The C5 Carbon uses the same face shield, sun shield, SC2 communication system (prewired speakers, antennas), and Individual Concept fitment kits as the standard C5. The features and functions remain the same, as the helmet now has a new shell and lining, yet it follows the same lamination process used in Schuberth’s Formula 1 helmets.

In the past, Schuberth offered the C4 Pro in carbon fiber. However, that was built in the manner that other manufacturers of carbon helmets use to this day. Other carbon helmets on the market use a wet layup or balloon method to create their shells. This type of construction permits imperfect and unwanted ratios of resin to materials and often shows many defects in the look of the carbon weave in the finished product. This is one reason many carbon helmets have painted areas to cover imperfections.

Schuberth C5 Carbon Review: Price

Schuberth put three years of development into the C5 Carbon, which, as mentioned, is built by the company’s F1 technicians. It takes about five hours to make a shell, and each shell is created by the same individual technician from start to finish—one person per shell.

To meet exacting resin-to-material ratio standards, Schuberth uses pre-impregnated carbon fiber that must be stored under refrigeration at 0 degrees Fahrenheit until it is CNC-cut into precise shapes and weave patterns, and then hand-laminated into the carbon fiber mold. This must be done rapidly, as the resin deteriorates quickly at room temperature. Once the shell is laid up, it is vacuum-wrapped and put into an autoclave at a set temperature and pressure for the curing cycle. The chinbar is built from fiberglass as it is not possible to manufacture a carbon fiber chinbar using the Schuberth Performance process

Once cured, the Schuberth Performance C5 Carbon undergoes a rigorous quality check process. It is trimmed by a waterjet, painted clear gloss, and polished. After this process, the helmet is assembled in its completed form, gets a final inspection, and is slipped into a premium padded Schuberth Performance helmet bag.


Some other details include the same small lever that will lock the chinbar in the up position to allow safe riding in this position, as with the C5. This helmet is DOT FMVSS No. 218 approved for the US market. In Europe, the Schuberth C5 Carbon meets the ECE-R 22.06 standard and has Homologation P/J (Protective/Jet), which means the helmet is approved for use with the chin bar in either the open or closed position.

The Schuberth C5 Carbon fits me perfectly. Where the liner touches my head is firm, reminding me that it will be even more comfortable after a few more break-in miles as the helmet conforms to my subtle head contours. I’ve always been a size large in Schuberth, and the Carbon C5 fit is exactly the same as that of the C5 and S3.

Schuberth C5 Carbon Review: For Sale

It’s no surprise the C5 Carbon sounds like my C5 while riding—it’s neither quieter nor noisier. Even with the new shell and lining, the noise rating remains the same as the original C5—85 db at 62 miles per hour, per Schuberth’s specs. In real-world testing, the C5 Carbon is one of the quietest helmets I’ve tested, if not the quietest. Additionally, the C5 Carbon has the same stable feeling as the C5, with no lift, whistling, or oscillation.

My size large C5 with the SC2 communications package installed weighs just less than 4.08 pounds. The size large C5 Carbon with the SC2 installed weighs 3.66 pounds, a 6.7-ounce weight savings. Weights were measured on our official ultra-precise Ultimate Motorcycling postage scale. This significant weight reduction is immediately noticeable when handling and donning the helmet, and when riding.

The 6.7-ounce weight reduction, C5 features, and the look and feel of the finely hand-laid carbon weave have instantly elevated the Schuberth C5 Carbon helmet to the top spot on my vast helmet shelf. With an MSRP of $1499, this helmet might not appeal to the budget-minded. We will see them adorning the heads of those who must have the finest modular motorcycle helmet available and appreciate the F1 technology infusion. Spending $1499 on a modular helmet when many touring motorcycles are selling for north of $25,000 is not a stretch and if you are a long-distance rider or have neck or back issues, the weight reduction may be a fatigue-reducing range extender. The Schuberth C5 Carbon modular motorcycle helmet is the embodiment of perfect form meeting demanding function.

Schuberth C5 Carbon Specs

  • Sizes: XS – XXXL; 53 – 65
  • Shell: Carbon fiber
  • Chin bar: Fiberglass
  • Certifications: DOT FMVSS No. 218

Schuberth C5 Carbon Price: $1499 MSRP

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