2024 Birmingham Supercross Fantasy Picks, Tips [8 Fast Facts]

We are now at the midway point in the 2024 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship Series. This Saturday’s race at Protective Stadium marks the first Supercross round in Birmingham, and the first SX round in Alabama since the Alabama International Motor Speedway (now Talladega Superspeedway) hosted a round 40 years ago. Lacking any history, all we can go with is momentum, so let’s get roosting with our 2024 Birmingham Supercross fantasy picks and tips for RMFantasySX.com leagues.

  1. Jett Lawrence is the rider to beat. He made a statement ride at Daytona International Speedway last week, has more wins and top-five finishes than anyone this year, and leads in the series standings by 10 points. By any standard you wish to apply, Lawrence is the Birmingham Supercross favorite.
2024 Birmingham Supercross Fantasy Picks and Tips: Jett Lawrence
Jett Lawrence.
  1. Two riders match Lawrence for podium finishes this year—Eli Tomac and Chase Sexton. Tomac has finished in P2 at the last two rounds, while Chase has been bouncing back from injury with a 9-6-3 run. With that, it’s Tomac (who has yet to win in 2024) in P2 and Sexton rounding out the podium.
2024 Birmingham Supercross Fantasy Picks and Tips: Eli Tomac
Eli Tomac.
  1. There are plenty of competitors for the last two top-five slots. Cooper Webb, Aaron Plessinger, and Jason Anderson each finished in the top-five five times this year. Ken Roczen trails them with four top-five results. No other rider has more than two top-fives in 2024. So, it’s a matter of who is hot. Cooper Webb’s 1-4 finishes in the last two rounds are easily the best of these four riders. That puts Webb in P4 at Protective Stadium.
2024 Birmingham Supercross Fantasy Picks and Tips: Chase Sexton
Chase Sexton.
  1. Picking P5 is more difficult with Hunter Lawrence out. Over the last three rounds, we can compare Roczen (1-8-5), Plessinger (10-3-18), and Anderson (2-9-10). Although he has no top-five finishes in 2024, Justin Cooper threatens to pull it off, having gone 7-6 in the last two Main Events. Roczen has an edge in top-five production lately, so put him in P5.
2024 Birmingham Supercross Fantasy Picks and Tips: Cooper Webb
Cooper Webb.
  1. Lawrence-Tomac-Sexton-Webb-Roczen is the exact finishing order at Daytona. It will probably not be that way at the Birmingham Supercross, but the stats are the stats, and I’m sticking with them.
Suzuki's Ken Roczen
Ken Roczen.
  1. There is an excellent pick for the P14 Wild Card. In the last four rounds, Shane McElrath has gone 14-14-15-14. It’s hard to argue with that.
Suzuki's Shane McElrath
Shane McElrath.
  1. For those concerned about the weather, there will be rain on Saturday. The Weather Underground forecast tells us the Birmingham rain should end at 8 a.m., well before qualifying practice.
  1. Racing starts at 7 p.m. EST on Saturday on Peacock (subscription streaming) and SiriusXM (audio only). Race Day Live goes live at 1:30 p.m. Bookmark our 2024 Supercross Television Calendar to stay current.

2024 Birmingham Supercross Fantasy Picks

  1. Jett Lawrence
  2. Eli Tomac
  3. Chase Sexton
  4. Cooper Webb
  5. Ken RoczenWild Card P14: Shane McElrath

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2024 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship Series Standings (after 8 of 17 rounds)

  1. Jett Lawrence, Honda, 160 points (3W, 4P, 6 T5)
  2. Cooper Webb, Yamaha, 150 (2W, 3P, 5 T5)
  3. Chase Sexton, KTM, 147 (1W, 4P, 5 T5)
  4. Eli Tomac, Yamaha, 144 (4P, 5 T5)
  5. Ken Roczen, Suzuki, 133 (1W, 3P, 4 T5)
  6. Aaron Plessinger, KTM, 132 (1W, 3P, 5 T5)
  7. Jason Anderson, Kawasaki, 131 (2P, 5 T5)
  8. Dylan Ferrandis, Honda, 107 (1 T5)
  9. Justin Cooper, Yamaha, 91
  10. Hunter Lawrence, 87 (2 T5)
  11. Justin Barcia, GasGas, 82 (1P, 1 T5)
  12. Malcolm Stewart, Husqvarna, 79
  13. Shane McElrath, Suzuki, 64 (1 T5)
  14. Dean Wilson, Honda, 46
  15. Jorge Prado, GasGas, 45
  16. Adam Cianciarulo, Kawasaki, 43
  17. Christian Craig, Husqvarna, 39
  18. Benny Bloss, Beta, 33
  19. Justin Hill, KTM, 29
  20. Kyle Chisholm, Suzuki, 27
  21. Vince Friese, Honda, 26
  22. Derek Drake, Suzuki, 25
  23. Freddie Norén, Kawasaki, 16
  24. Mitch Oldenburg, Honda, 10
  25. Cade Clason, Kawasaki, 10
  26. John Short, Kawasaki, 7
  27. Austin Politelli, GasGas, 7
  28. Ty Masterpool, Kawasaki, 6
  29. Jeremy Hand, Honda, 5
  30. Justin Rodbell, KTM, 5
  31. Mitchell Harrison, Kawasaki, 4
  32. Ryan Breece, Yamaha, 4
  33. Tristan Lane, KTM, 3
  34. Carson Mumford, Honda, 3
  35. Jerry Robin, Yamaha, 2
  36. Robbie Wageman, Yamaha, 1
  37. Jason Clermont, Kawasaki, 1