Rev’It! Liberty H2O Heated Gloves Review [Wintertime Comfort]

From a survival standpoint, our bodies don’t care about our extremities. When temperatures drop, the body focuses on protecting its vital organs. Fingers and toes? Expendable! Happily, Rev’It! Liberty H2O heated gloves are designed to keep our hands at the “ideal temperature” of 91.4 degrees. As someone whose fingers can turn white in the grocery store’s frozen section due to Raynaud syndrome, I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Rev'It! Liberty H2O Heated Gloves Review: Battery Powered

The Rev’It! Liberty H2O heated gloves are ready for winter, even before you add electricity, addressing wind and rain, in addition to low temperatures. They also have impact protection, conductive fingertips, and reflective graphics to increase visibility.

The gloves have an impressive six-layer construction to deal with inclement conditions, which sounds bulky. However, you wouldn’t know it when you slide your hand inside. Layer one of the Rev’It! Liberty H2O gloves is a cozy fleece liner with an inviting feel. Next is the heating element sandwiched between a reflective layer that directs the heat toward your hand and an insulating layer to retain the heat. This is followed by a water-resistant layer. On the outside is a wind-blocking outer shell.

Rev'It! Liberty H2O Heated Gloves Review: Electric Gloves

The gloves are heated by a pair of 7.4-volt batteries. Each is stored in a small pocket with hook-and-loop closing inside the underside of the gauntlet. The positioning of the batteries is strategic; it shields them from adverse weather, extending battery life. At just over three ounces each, the units are unnoticeable when installed.

When fully powered, the batteries are expected to last at least two hours, depending on which of the four heat levels you use, the ambient temperature, and how much wind flows over the gloves. An illuminated button on the top of your index knuckle indicates the level via color-coding. Red (Boost) is the warmest, good for just over two hours, per Rev’It!. Next are orange, yellow, and white (Eco), the latter claiming to last eight hours. These figures are estimates, and extreme conditions will reduce the power.

Rev'It! Liberty H2O Heated Gloves Review: Motorcycle Gloves

Everyone experiences temperatures differently, so it will take individual testing to determine which setting works for you. I’ve tested the Rev’It! Liberty H2O gloves in the low 50s at freeway speeds and, for once, my fingers were not the coldest part of my body. Longer rides on winding mountain roads—lower speeds and more finger action at the levers— were equally comfortable.

In both environments, however, I needed to use the Boost setting. I tried the Eco setting on the longer ride, thinking I would need to maximize battery life. It didn’t take long to realize the Eco mode wasn’t going to cut it at 50 degrees. Because my fingers can go from chilly to deficient circulation quickly due to Raynaud syndrome, I tapped the control button on each glove to cycle back to the maximum setting. The gloves reacted quickly, and I could feel the additional heat almost immediately.

The heating elements in the Liberty H2O gloves extend down the tops of the fingers, not just on the back of the hand, so it’s a welcome relief exactly where I need it. Of course, this leaves the palm of your hand and fingers at the mercy of frosty conditions. I experienced the pads of a couple of fingers getting too cold toward the end of a ride, even while the top side of my fingers and hands were warm—this is where heated grips come to the rescue.

Changing the heating mode is simple on the fly, at least on your right hand. It’s no problem to take your left hand off the grip for a few seconds to tap the button on the right glove. Doing the same on the left glove is not nearly as easy. Fortunately, I discovered a workaround. The heat control button is large enough and in a position that allows you to move your hand under the hand grip and use the handlebar to tap the top of the glove at the control button.

The batteries take four to five hours to charge from zero using the included USB-A two-wire charging cable. An extra pair of batteries runs $100 from Rev’It!. Be sure to turn the gloves off when stopping for lunch, as they will continue to drain the battery, even if your hands aren’t in them.

As its name indicates, the Liberty H2O gloves are waterproof. I didn’t get caught out in the rain, but a submergence test in the sink confirmed the claim. Adjust the fit with the hook-and-loop tab strap under the wrist and via the drawstring cord at the top of the cuff.

The gloves also offer important impact protection with a hard-shell knuckle and a TPU palm slider on the heel of the hand. Should your hands end up sliding down the pavement, the Rev’It! Liberty H2O gloves meet the CE EN 13594:2015 Level 1 KP standard—always reassuring, and something I hope to never test.

Rev'It! Liberty H2O Heated Gloves Review: Price

While the inherent bulk of a winter glove is inevitable, the Rev’It! Liberty H2O’s soft outer shell, paired with a leather palm and slip-resistant grip panel, has a good feel at the grips and levers. Switches and buttons are a bit more challenging to manipulate, especially those on helmet-mounted communication devices. I had no problem manipulating zipper pulls on my jackets, which is helpful when opening vents as temps warm up. I found the fit to be a bit roomier than I like, so if you’re in between sizes, consider going a size down.

The gloves have touch-sensitive pads at the fingertips of the index finger and thumb to operate smartphones and nav screens. It takes some practice to touch in just the right place, but it works, which is preferable to removing the gloves—something I don’t want to do when it’s cold.

Rev'It! Liberty H2O Heated Gloves Review: For Sale

Keep the gloves away from mud; the directions prohibit machine washing, dry cleaning, bleaching, tumble drying, or ironing.

Even as someone who lives in Southern California, my fingers’ susceptibility to cold limits my winter riding opportunities. The Rev’It! Liberty H2O heated gloves are an essential part of my cold-weather riding gear and extend my riding season for $300 a pair.

Rev’It! Liberty H2O Heated Gloves Fast Facts

  • Sizes: Men, S – 3XL; Ladies, XS-3XL
  • Color: Black
  • Certification: CE EN 13594 Level 1

Rev’It! Liberty H2O Heated Gloves: $300/pair

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