2023 Wisconsin Moto Guzzi Riders Rally Coverage [39th Edition]

2023 Wisconsin Moto Guzzi Rider Rally Coverage: motorcycles
This matched set of Moto Guzzi V11 models best captures the spirit of the Wisconsin Moto Guzzi Riders Rally.

The 2023 Wisconsin Moto Guzzi Riders Rally was held at Legion Park in Wonewoc. Formed in 1982 to bring the Dairy State’s Moto Guzzi riders together, the Wisconsin Moto Guzzi Riders share technical tips on the storied Italian motorcycles, as well as hold rides and enjoy good times together. Annually, the WMGR holds a rally in August. The 2023 marked the 39th edition of the popular Wisconsin Moto Guzzi Riders Rally.

2023 Wisconsin Moto Guzzi Riders Rally: Italian Motorcycles
The tent encampment was in a sheltered valley, so some wind and rain on Friday night did little to dampen the Guzzi riders’ spirits.

Although some wind and rain swept through the area on Friday night, the campground is in a valley and surrounded by a mature forest, giving the tent campers some shelter from the wind. Daytime riding conditions were excellent for the weekend.

Cuisine featured grilled brats and burgers on Friday evening, Philly steak sandwiches for dinner on Saturday, and deluxe continental breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Artesian beer was on tap after the rides.

Wisconsin Moto Guzzi Riders President Tom Kelly reported that this year’s event had nearly 130 registrants. However, the number may have been a bit higher as late attendees may have joined the event.

Suzuki GT750 Water Buffalo. Moto Guzzi V85 TT.
The Wisconsin Moto Guzzi Riders welcome riders of any brand of motorcycle to the rally, including this immaculate Suzuki GT750 Suzuki “Water Buffalo”, with a Moto Guzzi V85 TT in the background.

Wonewoc is in Juneau County, midway between La Crosse and Madison on Wisconsin State Trunk Highway 33. The town is on the northern edge of Wisconsin’s geologically significant Driftless Area, which features excellent roads, vibrant scenery, and fascinating landforms. Many of the great roads are due to the area’s large number of cold-water streams. The local topography is unique, as the last round of glaciers bypassed the area. Springs and caves are abundant among sinkholes and shallow limestone bedrock.

Though the Wisconsin Moto Guzzi Riders membership concentrates on Moto Guzzi owners, enthusiast memberships are also available for those who ride any other brand. The organization also meets six times a year for an informal meeting and group ride, using various sites around the state as launch points.