VP Racing x Speed Society: The Racing Class Streetwear

Everyone involved in racing or high-performance recreational riding is familiar with the VP Racing Fuels name. We’ve used various products from VP Racing Fuels over the years, always with success. However, we noted the lack of available apparel from VP Racing. We like wearing clothing that reflects our love of motorcycle riding and performance.

It turns out VP Racing also figured out that apparel money was being left on the table. Of course, being respected petrochemical experts doesn’t mean you know how to design logos or clothing—even though the VP Racing logo is one of the most recognizable in the sport. So, VP Racing Fuels has collaborated with Speed Society, makers of high-performance-related apparel, to create The Racing Class streetwear collection.

“Speed Society is widely regarded as the largest automotive network in the world and a leader in automotive lifestyle apparel, car club, content creation, and car giveaways,” notes Director of Brand Management and Licensing at VP Racing Bob Merz. “This new licensing collaboration with Speed Society will support and further advance VP’s sales and market-leader position with fashion-conscious race fans everywhere.”

VP Racing x Speed Society: Chasing Checker Collection
There are two themes within The Racing Class collection—Chasing Checkers and Pilot—and both have a classic style. Chasing Checker focuses on the competition angle, with checkered flags juxtaposed with the traditional VP Racing logo. The Pilot theme has an outlaw edge, with skulls, wings, and lightning bolts linked to the VP Racing logo.

VP Racing x Speed Society: Pilot Collection Streetwear

“We are excited to team up with VP Racing to bring two powerful brands together to create something incredible beyond racing,” Speed Society CMO Bryan Cole said. “We have tapped into the culture of our fans to bring unique capsule collections of streetwear apparel that represent them as individuals and their passions of fashion, art, and automobiles. VP Racing is such an impactful legacy brand, we couldn’t resist the chance to work together and showcase a game-changing collaboration.”

Rather than being a bit of a distraction on the technical VP Racing Fuels website, the new apparel can be found exclusively on the Speed Society website. Initial offerings include hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts, with trucker hats on the way in time for Thanksgiving Dinner.