VP Racing Fuels T4 Review | Bridging Gap Between Pump and Race Fuel

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VP Racing Fuels T4 Review

VP Racing Fuels T4 ReviewVP Racing Fuels’ T4 blend is designed to bridge the gap between premium pump gas and high performance race fuel. T4 is recommended for use in stock or slightly modified four stroke dirtbikes and is designed to be a pour-in replacement for pump gas.

Unlike pump gas, which contains ethanol and ultimately leads to a short storage life after leaving the pump, T4 contains no ethanol and can be kept in a sealed container for up to two years.

T4 has an octane rating of 100, which is designed to provide greater protection against detonation. In addition to being ethanol-free and a higher octane than pump gas, T4 is oxygenated. The purpose of oxygenating fuel is to increase the overall power output of the engine. With that being said, VP Racing Fuel claims that T4 offers two to three percent more power and better throttle response across the entire RPM range.

When running the T4 fuel in our 2016 Yamaha YZ250F, the first thing I noticed is that the bike had a crisper throttle response along the RPM range. As far as power gains were concerned, they were noticeable mostly in the bottom end and mid-range. I didn’t notice as much of a power increase on the top end, but it was still improved over pump gas.

A power increase on the bottom end and mid-range power is preferable, especially on a 250 four stroke, where getting out of a corner as quickly as possible is extremely important due to the smaller bore engine size. While the Yamaha YZ250F already boasts of a fantastic, linear powerband, the T4 helped bring out those qualities even further.=

At a retail price of approximately $14 per gallon, the VP Racing T4 fuel is a great choice for the weekend racer looking for a fuel that offers the consistency and peace of mind of knowing that they will never get a “bad batch” of fuel that can sometimes happen at your local gas station.

The increase in power is great for those looking to squeeze some extra snap out of their engine without upgrading expensive engine parts such as camshafts, pistons, and exhaust systems. Lastly, you do not have to drain your gas tank at the end of a day of riding, as is recommended with some of VP’s other higher performance race fuels to retain the potency of the oxygenation of the fuel. Overall, I am pleased with the performance gain that T4 offers and how it positively affected the YZ250F powerband.

For more information on VP Racing Fuel’s T4 blend and their vast array of fuels, visit VP Racing Fuels.