Tremoto Z1000 Trike | Dragging Knees on Mulholland (Video)

Tremoto Z1000 Trike | Dragging Knees on Mulholland (Video)

Tremoto Kawasaki Z1000 3Z1 Trike Video

There are a handful of roads in the US that, as a rider, you just know. Mulholland Highway, affectionately known as “The Snake” in Malibu, Calif., happens to be one of those places.

Catching all of the thrills and spills on camera is local RnickeyMouse. If you’ve spent any time diving into YouTube rabbit-hole, I’m sure you’ve come across his high and low side videos before.

This past weekend, it appears he captured something a little different. Something that we think could be beneficial for a lot of people out there. Trike’s get a bit get a bit of a snub in motorcycling from some but trikes like the Can-Am Spider, the Piaggio MP3 and the Yamaha MWT-9 have given a lot more credence to the trike or in the least, inspired us to be a bit more accepting.

The people of Tremoto were out on the Snake this past weekend putting it down aboard its Kawasaki Z1000 trike, now known as the 3Z1. So why is a trike on The Snake news worthy? When it can carry some hefty speed and lean angles, I think you’ll want to see it for yourself.

Tremoto Z1000 Trike | Dragging Knees on Mulholland (Video)This thing allows a rider to drag knees with the best of them on the track or in the canyons, which to my humble knowledge, isn’t something we’ve seen a whole lot of in the world of trikes.

The biggest advantages, when it comes to trikes, is accessibility. Can-Am’s certainly appeal to those who still wish to ride out in the open but perhaps because of physical limitations, can’t do as much anymore.

From the video above and the little bit of dialogue we’re privy to in the video, it does seem stable and seems like a great alternative for someone who wants to ride aggressively. Even better – this might be able to be used as a teaching tool at track schools.

Reporting on custom machines can be a bit precarious, as you and I usually can’t go out and pick one up, despite our wishes. But according to Tremoto, it’ll build a custom trike for you. The cost is up there though – estimated between $10 and $14k.

So far, Tremoto has put together front end kits for a Kawasaki Z1000, a Ducati Monster 1100, a Hypermotard, a Yamaha Super Tenere and Triumph Speed Triple.


  • Video by: RNickeyMouse
  • Drone & POV video provided by Hussars LA – Youtube –


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