Triumph Race Team To Debut in 2024 MXGP Season

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Triumph Motorcycles will be racing its shrouded-in-mystery all-new 250cc four-stroke motocross bike in MX2 in 2024. The Triumph Racing Team is a partnership with Thierry Chizat-Suzzoni, who ran the Kawasaki Racing Team Europe in MXGP for 13 years, ending in 2021. Triumph will enter the premier MXGP class in 2025 with its 450cc racer.

Technical R&D for the upcoming Triumph motocross bikes is being done at Triumph Global Headquarters in England. At the same time, on-the-dirt work is being accomplished at Chizat-Suzzoni’s race facility in Holland. The Triumph Racing Team will be based at the Dutch location, with additional testing in the United States and Europe. Vincent Bereni, who has a long history with Chizat-Suzzoni, will be the team manager,

Triumph Race Team To Debut: Ricky Carmichael
Triumph Global Off-Road Ambassador Ricky Carmichael has ridden the yet-to-be-seen motocross bike.

Triumph Global Racing Manager Jeremy Appleton describes the road map: “The launch of Triumph Racing is a pivotal step in our journey to bring Triumph to the pinnacle of racing across an even wider range of disciplines. Building on Triumph’s success as the sole engine supplier to the Moto2 World Championship and our participation in Supersport racing, the move into MX2 and MXGP opens the door on a strategically important new chapter in top-tier off-road racing. We well know the demands of World Championship competition, and that is the reason for forming the partnership with Thierry. Together with Vincent, their approach to racing and development of performance is impressive, and we are looking forward to building the project together and adding to the success that they have already achieved in the Motocross World Championship.”

Seven-time AMA 450MX National Champion, Supercross television commentator, and Triumph Global Off-Road Ambassador Ricky Carmichael weighs in on the bike: “I’m really excited about today’s news. It’s been a long time coming. Since the start of this project with Triumph, I have been amazed at just how hard everyone has been working. It must not go without mentioning the whole R&D and engineering group that have been a part of the development of the motorcycles have done an absolutely incredible job. From the first stages of the prototypes, I was really taken aback at how well the performance was. Since then, being in the UK testing the newest developments, I can tell you that it has the capabilities of winning at the highest level, and I personally believe the riders, from professional to amateur, across the entire range of off-road models, will really like what has been developed.”

Triumph Race Team To Debut: MX2 in 2024
We can’t show you the Triumph MXer yet, but you can buy a jersey at the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club.

“Triumph have made a major commitment to build an MX bike and go racing in the FIM World Motocross Championship,” Chizat-Suzzoni explains. “I am happy that my team is going to be the official Triumph Racing Team in MX2 and MXGP. Nick Bloor and the Triumph Board of Directors have made their long-term ambitions for the project very clear, and I see a huge amount of passion from everyone at the factory. I am happy with progress on the bike. It looks great, has speed on the track, and Vincent and my staff are working with the engineers at Hinckley on building it into a competitive package for entry into the MX2 Championship in 2024. MXGP continues to grow around the world. I am very happy to be back and looking forward to going racing with Triumph.”

Infront Moto Racing promotes the MXGP series. CEO David Luongo said, “This is a very important announcement and is a fantastic sign about the interest and the importance of MXGP in the international motorsport scene. During the last 20 years, MXGP has been growing and has established globally. With an average of 19 events per year, it gives the best platform for manufacturers to develop their bikes, components and to advertise them worldwide. From Asia to South America, going through Europe, MXGP is covering all the different markets and is touching most of the off-road fans in the world.”

Triumph’s return to Grand Prix motocross will come 50 years after the last Triumph motocross bike was made.

Triumph CEO Nick Bloor says, “Our entry into the FIM Motocross World Championship with a factor-supported Triumph Racing Team signifies a landmark moment at the beginning of our new top-tier off-road racing campaign.”

As the World Championship racing debut of the new Triumph motocrosser won’t be until 2024, no riders for the MX2 team have been announced.