Game Over Cycles New York-Rzeszów: Custom Harley-Davidson

Founded ten years ago in southeast Poland, Game Over Cycles has earned a reputation for innovative and outlandish custom motorcycles. We first covered Game Over Cycles in 2013 when the metallic Behemoth caught our eyes. This time we are checking out the New York-Rzeszów—a build that began life as a 2019 Harley-Davidson Street Bob and celebrates New York City and GOC’s hometown of Rzeszów.

Built for Polish expatriates Bobbi and Lucy Wawrzaszek, who live in the United States, New York-Rzeszów is an award-winning motorcycle, taking 1st place in the Over 1000cc Custom category in the Rat’s Hole Custom Bike Show at Daytona Bike Week.

Game Over Cycles New York-Rzeszów in Manhattan

A broad array of design features honors the two cities and are brought together on a stunning canvas.

Drawing from New York, the Game Over Cycles New York-Rzeszów has iconic Manhattan buildings engraved in the 24-karat gold-plated wheels. Look closely. You’ll see the historic Empire State, Flatiron, and Chrysler Buildings, alongside depictions of the new 1 World Trade Center, and the late World Trade Center Twin Towers jutting from the rims toward the hubs. The Chrysler Building is reprised at a 90-degree angle, serving as a 24-karat gold heat shield.

The timing cover flaunts the New York Yankees logo in 24-karat gold, with the ignition coil invoking the new World Trade Center Oculus. Between the front frame downtubes is a depiction of the ruins of the original World Trade Center, underlined with “9/11 Never Forget”.

Game Over Cycles New York-Rzeszów: Custom Harley-Davidson Street Bob

Atop the fuel tank is a faux $1 coin; fabricated from brass, it has a New York-Rzeszów inscription. The tank is painted with the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline on the right side, and the Rzeszów skyline on the left face. The fender is home to a painting of the Statue of Liberty.

The rear fender support superstructure commemorates the Tadeusz Mazowiecki Bridge—the suspension cables on the Game Over Cycles New York-Rzeszów are brass. The turn indicators replicate the bridge’s warning lights.

Game Over Cycles New York-Rzeszów: Polish Custom Motorcycle

Connecting the rims to the hubs are bold depictions of Rzeszów’s Revolutionary Act Monument with Statue of Liberty coins and Rzeszów’s coat of arms placed between the arcs. The air filter cover is shaped like an iconic walking bridge in Rzeszów, and has the city’s coat of arms in the center—in 24-karat gold, of course. The rear brake light, mounted on the fender support, is in the shape of the Rzeszów coat of arms, as are the rearview mirrors.

As motorcyclists, we cannot help but appreciate the beautiful springer front end, angular mini apes, sprung seat, four-piston front brake caliper, and Pirelli Night Dragon tires with a 21-inch front. Yes, this one’s a rider, be it in Manhattan or downtown Rzeszów.

Photography by Mirosław Mazurkiewicz

Models: Anna Wawrzaszek and Marzena Wawrzaszek

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