Fanttik X8 Tire Inflator Review [Pressurized Air in Your Pocket]

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that over 175 years after the invention of the pneumatic rubber tire, we’re still stuck with putting compressed air into tires in motorcycles, and pretty much everything else with wheels. That leaves us with two challenges—getting the air into the tires, and keeping it there. While the Fanttik X8 air inflator doesn’t help you keep compressed air in your tires, it does help you get the air in.

Previously, we tested the Fanttik X8 Apex tire inflator, and loved it—it’s a Red Dot 2022 Design Winner, after all, as is the standard X8 in this test. The battery-powered air pump is a convenient way to inflate a tire in your garage, in the pits at a track, or out on a ride. The X8 Apex remains our choice for garage and pit duty.

However, the compact Fanttik X8 is our new favorite for portable use—adventure bike and dual-sport riders who have to air-down and reinflate when moving between dirt and pavement know what we’re talking about.

Weighing in at 1 pound, 2.5 ounces, the Fanttik X8 is 10.5 ounces lighter than the Apex editions. Every ounce counts when carrying something in a side case or pocket. Oh, did we mention a pocket? Yes, indeed we did.

The Fanttik X8 is considerably smaller than the Apex, and its square form factor means you can put it in your adventure jacket. Measuring 5.5-by-3.25 inches and two inches thick—sans hose—the Fanttik X8 is genuinely pocketable.

Any tool in your pocket beats something you leave at home. With the Fanttik X8 in your hand, you’re much more likely to reduce air pressure on your tires when going off-road and return them to street pressure levels when returning to the pavement. That’s great for the riding experience, and it’s safer. Also, if you get a flat, this will help you get things rolling after you make a repair.

Fanttik X8 Tire Inflator Review: Price

Airing up is easy. Turn the X8 on by pressing and holding the center power button. Around the power button are four function buttons. The button to the right of the power button lets you tell the Fanttik what you’re inflating—bicycle, automobile, motorcycle/scooter, or sports ball. I went with “bicycle” as it has a psi readout, compared to bar for “motorcycle/scooter.” From there, use the + and – buttons to select a psi goal for the inflator. A large, bright LCD screen makes it easy to monitor your settings, tire pressure, and battery level.

Fanttik X8 Tire Inflator Review: Battery Powered

When you screw the hose onto the valve stem, the Fanttik X8 will tell you how much pressure is in the tire. Press the power button, and it starts inflating the tire to the pressure you want—150 psi max—shutting off the air pump when the job is done.

Fanttik X8 Tire Inflator Review: MSRP

The battery has a 5200 mAh capacity, which doesn’t mean much on its own. I let the air out of a 190/50 x 17 rear tire for a test. It took a bit over seven minutes to pump the tire up from flat to 35 psi. It took more than one-quarter of the battery for this complete fill.

Fanttik X8 Tire Inflator Review: Pump Up Motorcycle Tires

Topping off tires on an adventure or dual-sport motorcycle takes considerably less time and charge, depending on the tire pressure you’re working with and your bike’s tires. In practice, one Fanttik X8 should be able to handle a crowd of adventure/dual-sport bikes for a day without running the battery down. It’s also worth noting that I ran the X8 in 94-degree heat non-stop for 7:36, and it did not overheat.

Recharging the battery requires a USB-C cable, which is included. This means you can charge the X8 as your ride if your motorcycle has a powered USB port. Otherwise, plug it in when you get back home—it will take a few hours if it’s run down.

Fanttik X8 Tire Inflator Review: For Sale

A nice bag is included for carrying everything, including various hose adaptors and the instruction manual. Another bonus is a built-in light at the hose to illuminate the valve stem, just in case you need to do some inflating after dark.

The killer app for the Fanttik X8 is for adventure and dual-sport riders. If you just need to inflate a tire once if you get a flat, a CO2 cartridge inflator is lighter, smaller, and less expensive. At $100 MSRP—on sale at the Fanttik website for $76 at the time of publication—it’s not an inexpensive tool. However, it is a convenience you can quickly get used to having.