Michelin Road 6 and Road 6 GT Motorcycle Tires First Look [8 Fast Facts]

The Michelin Road motorcycle tire series turns 20 this year, and Michelin is celebrating with the new Michelin Road 6 and Road 6 GT tires for sport-touring. We have been big fans of the Road 5, so the new 6 piques our attention. Let’s go over what’s new.

  1. Michelin claims improved wet grip and tire wear for the Road 6 compared to the 5. In numbers, that means 15 percent more wet grip, and a tread life that is 10 percent longer. Michelin says this is accomplished without reducing dry grip or compromising handling characteristics. Stability is also claimed to be improved.

Michelin Road 6 Sport-touring tires

  1. The Road 6 has a new tread pattern to help direct water away from the tire. Michelin X-Sipe Technology for the tread pattern joins forces with Michelin Water Evergrip Technology, which works to keep the tire functioning properly in the wet after considerable wear.
  1. New compounds also contribute to improved performance in the wet. Michelin calls it Silica Rain Technology. Like the new tread design, it is intended to enhance the tire’s rain performance throughout its life.

Michelin Road 6 Motorcycle tires

  1. The Road 6 gets Michelin’s 2CT+ Technology, previously exclusive to rear tires. According to Michelin, this improves rigidity in corners, including during hard braking or aggressive acceleration.


  1. The Road 6 GT is differentiated by an extra ply in the tire. Michelin calls it Reinforced Radial-X Evo Technology (formerly Michelin 2AT Technology), and it makes the GT a beefed-up version of the Road 6 that can handle heavier motorcycles. The standard Road 6 gets by with Michelin Radial-X Technology.

Micheline Road 6 and Road 6 GT

  1. The appearance of the new Road 6 is an upgrade. Okay, we all want our motorcycles to look good, so we can’t complain that Michelin puts R&D into the form of its tires, as well and the function. Michelin loves to name its technology, and there’s even a name for this. “Michelin Premium Touch Technology is used in the design of the sidewalls, a feature originating from ultra-high-performance tires for sports cars,” according to a spokesman. “This exclusive technology uses micro-geometry on the sidewalls to create texture, which in turn allows it to modulate contrast and create shades of gray to highlight the tire markings and give an attractive finish.”

Michelin Road 6 Tires Prices

  1. The new Michelin Road 6 is available in a broad range of sizes, including two 19-inch front tires for ADV-style sport-touring motorcycles. There are six front tire sizes choices and eight for the rear. All rear tires are 17-inchers with widths from 140mm to 190mm. The Road 6 GT offers just one front tire size—120/70. The GT rears are the fat choices—180/55, 190/50, and 190/55.
  1. We don’t usually get MSRPs for tires, as they are often highly discounted at the point of sale. Prices range from $171 for the 110/70 x 17 front to $369 for the Road 6 GT 190/55 x 17 rear. Unless there are supply chain issues, the Michelin Road 6 and Road 6 GT should be at your local dealer right now.

Michelin Road 6 Photo Gallery