2022 Yamaha YZ85 First Look (Mini Motocrosser’s 9 Fast Facts)

It was 48 years ago that the first Yamaha YZ80 rolled off the production line in Japan. Upgraded to a YZ85 in 2002, Yamaha continues to refine the two-stroke motocross racing experience for budding champions. Let’s go over what makes the 2022 Yamaha YZ85 different from its processor.

  1. The main frame of the 2022 Yamaha YZ85 has been adjusted for increased rigidity and strength. There are no details from Yamaha about what has been done, however.

2022 Yamaha YZ85 Price

  1. There’s a new aluminum subframe. It’s removable (and easily replaced) and over a pound lighter.
  1. The swingarm and rear axle are new. Yamaha worked on hitting the right levels of torsional and longitudinal rigidity with the 2022 edition.
  1. Yamaha made the YZ85’s ergonomics narrower thanks to a slimmer fuel tank and radiator shrouds. The seat is flatter to make it easier for the rider to move around. Further, the radiator shrouds are one-piece and symmetrical to allow freer and more consistent rider movement.
  1. There’s a new handlebar that shaves 1.4 ounces high on the motorcycle. It can be mounted in any of four positions.

2022 Yamaha YZ85 Specs

  1. Air moves more freely into the intake tract thanks to a new, straighter intake design. This efficiency should allow for increased low-rpm power production.
  1. There’s a new master cylinder for the rear brake. The sub-reservoir is now built-in, and the goal is more linear braking.

2022 Yamaha YZ85 MSRP

  1. The Team Yamaha Blue graphics are now This improves durability dramatically. 
  1. The 2022 Yamaha YZ85 runs $100 more than last year’s edition. The YZ85 will hit dealer showroom floors just in time for Christmas—excellent timing. 

We have tested the Yamaha YZ85

2022 Yamaha YZ85 Specs


  • Type: Single-cylinder two-stroke
  • Displacement: 85cc
  • Bore x stroke: 47.5 x 47.8mm
  • Compression ratio: 8.2-9.6:1
  • Intake: Case-induction reed valve
  • Fueling: Hitachi Astemo Keihin PWK28 flat-slide carburetor
  • Exhaust: Powervalve and expansion chamber
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Clutch: Multiplate wet


  • Front suspension; travel: Fully adjustable KYB inverted 36mm fork; 10.8 inches
  • Rear suspension; travel: Linkage-assisted fully adjustable KYB shock; 11.3 inches
  • Tires: Dunlop Geomax MX3S
  • Front tire: 70/100 x 17
  • Rear tire: 90/100 x 14
  • Front brake: 220mm wave rotor
  • Rear brake: 190mm wave rotor


  • Wheelbase: 49.4 inches
  • Rake: 26.3 degrees
  • Trail: 3.5 inches
  • Seat height: 33.1 inches
  • Ground clearance: 12.6 inches
  • Fuel capacity: 1.3 gallons
  • Curb weight: 161 pounds
  • Color: Team Yamaha Blue

2022 Yamaha YZ85 Price: $4799 MSRP

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