2022 LiveWire One First Look (9 Electric-Powered Fast Facts)

With LiveWire now a standalone electric motorcycle brand, separate from the gasoline-centric Harley-Davidson marque, we are now seeing an enticing new mode—the 2022 LiveWire One. While we don’t have full specs on the One, we are immediately intrigued by the price—$21,999 MSRP. That’s $7800 less expensive than the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, and that gets our undivided attention.

2022 Live Wire One First Look: Price

  1. LiveWire claims the range of the One is 146 miles in the city. That’s quite a bit of city riding, no doubt. More importantly, we want to know how far from home you can roam before range anxiety kicks in.

  1. The range becomes less critical, thanks to the claimed charging times. Using a DC Fast Charge, LiveWire claims the One can go from depleted to 100 percent in just 60 minutes. It makes it to 80 percent charge from nothing in just 45 minutes. If those numbers are accurate, the One will be capable of daylong rides with just a bit of planning and patience (and coffee).

  1. The LiveWire One has custom modes. LiveWire doesn’t say what those modes are, however. A spokesman say that the rider can “define how LiveWire ONE performs and personalize your experience.”

2022 LiveWire One First Look: MSRP

  1. An Inertial Measurement Unit is there to keep things moving smartly. LiveWire hasn’t gone into detail on this, but notes that “Advanced rider systems and a 6-axis IMU tracks and anticipates change.”

  1. As you’d expect, the 2022 LiveWire One is fully connected. Thanks to the magic of Bluetooth and WiFi, you’ll be able to stream directions, monitor recharging progress, and receive alerts on your smartphone.

  1. “Haptic heartbeat” adds a pulse to the proceedings. Even though it is powered by electricity, LiveWire gives the One a bit of organic-style rumble.

  1. Here what the Chairman, President, and CEO of Harley-Davidson Jochen Zeitz says about LiveWire and the One: “As part of The Hardwire Strategy, we made a commitment that Harley-Davidson would lead in electric. We recognized the pioneering spirit and brand value in LiveWire for our community and took the decision to evolve the original LiveWire motorcycle into a dedicated EV brand. Today’s LiveWire One builds on the DNA of Harley-Davidson but with the electric focus and ambition of the new LiveWire brand. Harley-Davidson and LiveWire will continue to rewrite the motorcycle rulebook, and we are excited about this next chapter in our legacy.”

  1. Expect to see lots of marketing buzzwords and jargon surrounding the LiveWire brand. Get used to “hybrid omnichannel model,” “interact with the brand,” “brand experience gallery,” and “immersive journey.” Don’t worry—we’re sure you’ll be able to just go ride, if that’s what you prefer.

  1. Look for the 2022 LiveWire One at dedicated LiveWire dealers this fall. If you can’t wait, there will be demo rides on the one at Progressive IMS Outdoors Northern California show on July 18.

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