Pando Moto Unites with Zero Motorcycles for Exclusive Apparel Line

From motorcycling to adventure there is only one step. And that step is taken by Zero Motorcycles EMEA, a leading electric motorcycle manufacturer, and Pando Moto, a premium motorcycle gear manufacturer.

Pando Moto has joined forces with Zero Motorcycles EMEA to release a limited edition casual apparel collection for urban motorcyclists. This exclusive collection covers T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

The customised unique design reveals a collaboration print on the backside of each item and a joint logo on the frontside. The collection is available through the Pando Moto website. Zero will announce dealers who carry the brand on its Facebook channels and through additional press communication.

Pando Moto Unites with Zero Motorcycles for Exclusive Apparel Line

This one-off partnership symbolizes unity and harmony between two elevated brands that have a similar vision of inclusion and innovation in the world of motorcycling. Both go hand in hand in combining style, function, and protection into products that encourage safe and enjoyable riding.

Pando Moto is continuously pushing the boundaries of motorcycle apparel that provides both safety and style. One example is its Robby Arm motorcycle jeans built from a 13-ounce single layer of super-stretch denim made of Armalith, a material that's 15 times stronger than steel.

Protect the environment and grasp the most transformational riding experience by riding a Zero motorcycle and protect yourself by wearing Pando Moto gear. You do not need to worry, just to ride.

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