2020 AMA Supermoto National Championship Wrap-Up: Fillmore Wins

One of the casualties of cancellation-torn 2020 appeared to be the AMA Supermoto National Championship Series. However, last month, DRT Racing stepped in to create a one-weekend/four-round series at Musselman Honda Circuit in Tucson. No one is likely happier that the series was revived than KTM’s Chris Fillmore, as he rode the new 2021 KTM 450 SMR to the Supermoto title. Fillmore’s sponsorship by KTM is an unusual one—he’s also the Road Racing and Flat Track Manager for KTM Group North America.

2020 AMA Supermoto Championship Wrap-Up

Fillmore’s road to the Supermoto title was not an easy one. He crashed early in the opening round on Saturday. However, he remounted and charged his way to P2 behind Jake LaForge, who was riding a modified KTM 450 SX-F. Inclement weather pushed Saturday’s Round 2 to Sunday, and that meant three rounds in one day would decide the championship.

Round 2 didn’t go as planned for Fillmore after he grabbed a holeshot. Instead of consolidating a win early, he dropped out of the top-five. Fillmore eventually recovered to take another P2 finish behind LaForge.

With Fillmore getting a P3 start and LaForge leading, Fillmore was finally able to engage LaForge in battle. After a few laps, Fillmore took the lead and held on, despite arm pump issues. LaForge took P2, holding his lead in the AMA Supermoto Open Pro National Championship Series, going into the final round.

Fillmore won the title in style, pulling a holeshot and leading the entire race. LaForge retook P2, putting Fillmore and LaForge even on points, wins, and P2 finishes. It went down to the third tiebreaker, and that was the highest finish in the final race. Fillmore’s finale victory gave the 2020 Supermoto Championship. KTM swept the championship podium with 450 SX-F mounted Dustin Hoffman taking the final top-3 spot.

2020 AMA Supermoto National Championship Wrap-Up: Fillmore Wins

“Overall, I was just happy to turn up at the races and put my competition face on as a racer again,” Fillmore said. “The competition was really tough, and it made for exciting racing. For me, KTM coming out with the new-generation SMR was a great opportunity to get back to my roots of Supermoto, which began in 2003. Mitch Hansen of HMC Racing came out with me, and to wrap up a championship with somebody who has done so much for me and my racing career is pretty awesome. I have to give a big thanks to KTM for staying true to their commitment of producing the most ‘Ready To Race’ motorcycles, which was clearly evident with a KTM sweep in the Pro class this year, and for allowing me to swing a leg over the bikes and have some fun, too.”

Photography by Karen E. Ott

2020 AMA Supermoto Open Pro National Championship Final Standings

  1. Chris Fillmore, KTM, 94 points (2 wins, 4 podiums)
  2. Jake LaForge, KTM, 94 (2 wins, 4 podiums)
  3. Dustin Hoffman, KTM, 71 (1 podium)
  4. Shane Narbonne, Honda, 69 (2 podiums)
  5. Bronson Pearce, Honda, 68
  6. Dallas Daniels, Yamaha, 66 (1 podium)
  7. Sean Butterman, KTM, 55
  8. Alberto Moseriti, Husqvarna, 47
  9. Morgan Mischler, KTM, 45
  10. Brady Tausan, Honda, 45
  11. Dawson Schieffer, Husqvarna, 39
  12. Rocco Landers, Husqvarna, 28
  13. Thomas Harrison, Husqvarna, 26