Tactica M.250 Hex Tool Kit and M.100X Bundle: Review [Motorcycles]

Tactica M.250 Hex Tool Kit and M.100X Bundle: Review [Motorcycles]

On a motorcycle, space is always at a premium. Those things that you wish to take along must be functional, reliable, and compact. Long-range riders and adventure motorcycling enthusiasts are particularly drawn to kits that meet those criteria. As they say, “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”

As a result, such riders tend to gravitate to innovative gear, tools, and apparel that can do more with less—more function, versatility, and value in less space. Then again, any rider values those qualities, even a rather poorly organized day-tripper like me.

Tactica has introduced ultra-compact advanced-design multitools that pack high functionality into very little space with these needs in mind.

Tactica M.100x
The Tactica M.100x multi-tool bundle pack (top) and M.250 Hex Drive Tool Kit are compact, TSA-approved and versatile.

We took a look at two versions that are presently available: the M.250 Hex Drive Tool Kit and the M.100X Bundle Pack.

How functional are they? The day they arrived at my door, my cheap reading glasses were pretty much falling off my face. Both earpieces were loose—those annoying low-grade, super-tiny screws that secure them to the lens frame were backing out.

I didn’t feel like rummaging for my precision screwdriver set—then it dawned on me—why look? You may have the tool for the job in your hand. I unpacked the M.250 Hex Drive Tool Kit and checked out the dozen driver bits it comes with.

Frankly, I doubted any of the Phillips-style drivers would be small enough to fit those tiny screws that normally require a jeweler’s screwdriver. Well, I was wrong. The smallest Phillips head driver in the set, PH 00, worked like a charm.

Tactica M.250 Hex Drive review
The Tactica M.250 Hex Drive Tool Kit comes with all you see here.

Then, since I already had the M.250 in my hand, I decided to switch up to the next larger Phillips driver size, PH 0, and give it a whirl tightening the screws on one of the cold-air return covers in my house that had been on my agenda of odd jobs to get around to.

The Tactica gear was off to a good start—not in my door a half-hour and already earning its keep!

The drivers included in the M.250 Hex drive tool kit are Torx (star) T10, T20, T25; hex (Allen) H3, H4, H5; Phillips, PH 00, PH 0, PH 2; and flat blade 3, 4, 5. The M.250 can be used with or without the two-inch extension that is included. The M.250 is very self-contained with an outer case that includes both a strong magnet to allow it to be stored attached to any flat ferrous metal surface, as well as a belt clip to make for easy carry-along capability.

The Tactica M.100x Bundle Pack comes with all you see here.

The drivers included in the M.100x Bundle Pack are Torx (star) T10, T20, T25; hex (Allen) H3, H4, H5; Phillips, PH 00, PH 0, PH1, PH 2; and flat blade 1.8, 3, 4, 5. The two additional bits in the Bundle Pack are concealed in the handle of the multi-tool.

The multi-tool includes a bottle opener, heavy-duty socket (through a 420 stainless steel plate), universal wrench in 3/16” (5mm), 5/16” (8mm), 3/8” (10mm), 7/16” (11mm), ½” (13mm), 9/16” (14mm), light-duty drive socket, magnetic retention for drivers, a tiny package opener and metric/imperial ruler.

Each of these devices is compact, handy, and capable. They do, of course, have some limitations. For example, access to hex head nut/bolt fasteners will determine whether the wrench feature on the M.100 can be used.

Recessed or deep-set fasteners that would require the reach of a conventional wrench or socket will usually be inaccessible for the multitool. That said, a lot of light work for those things that can come loose when you are away from your main toolbox may well be able to be tightened up or repaired with these slick little tools.

Tool Belt Clip
The Tactica M.250 comes with a belt clip and magnet for flexible carry-along options.

At first, some of the drivers can be difficult to slip out of the holder. A simple fix for me was to put a thin film of petroleum jelly on each bit and slide them back into the holder. After a little use, they were all easier to slip from the holder.

An important feature in terms of portability is that both devices can be allowed in your carry-on luggage at the airport under TSA regulations. That’s because the package opener feature is designed to allow cutting packing tape, but does not have enough blade to allow it to be used as a box cutter.

The devices are molded of a 70% glass composite that won’t scratch other plastic surfaces such as your phone and each is very lightweight—for example, the M.100 weighs only 1.6 ounces.


  • Tactica M.250 Hex Drive Tool Kit: $50 MSRP
  • Tactica M.100X Bundle Pack: $55