Arai Spoiler EX2 for the Corsair-X Helmet First Look

The Arai Corsair-X is the Japanese company’s flagship helmet and intended for riders of the highest performance motorcycle. MotoGP racers Maverick Viñales of Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP and Takaaki Nakagami of LCR Honda Idemitsu compete wearing a Corsair-X. Other Grand Prix riders with Arai Corsair-X helmets on their heads include Moto2 competitor Tetsuta Nagashima. Now, the public gets access to the Arai Spoiler EX2 for increased stability for the Arai Corsair-X at the highest of motorcycle speeds.

Arai Spoiler EX2 For Corsair-X: Motorcycle Helmet

The Arai Spoiler EX2 is an add-on accessory to the Corsair-X. It was designed for use by MotoGP riders, as it increases stability and aerodynamic efficiency at high speeds. Although not intended for street riders, there is no downside to installing it on the helmet, other than adding a few grams of weight.

According to an Arai spokesman, “initial feedback from test riders on the street suggests improved stability in turbulent air—like when passing a truck—as well as reduced buffeting at the upper limits of legal street speeds.” As we know, however, riders of high-performance motorcycles do, on occasion, exceed the speed limit. Certainly, having the Arai Spoiler EX2 on the Corsair-X will provide additional safety for the rider when higher-than-legal speeds are perhaps inadvertently attained on the road. An extra bonus of the EX2 is that it looks cool; everyone enjoys the pride of a MotoGP tie-in.

Arai Spoiler EX2 for Corsair-X Motorcycle Helmet

Arai assures us that the Arai Spoiler EX2 does not compromise the safety of the Corsair-X, as it is attached via tabs and adhesive. The Spoiler EX2 is designed to either crush or detach easily in the event of a crash. This means that the Arai helmet shell, which is round, smooth, and strong by design, will be able to do its duty to protect your head. Arai boasts that the R75 shell shape helps dissipate impact due to its ability to smoothly glance off hard objects that it may contact.

The Arai Spoiler EX2 should arrive in dealers any day now, with a price tag of just under $51.