Ducati Scrambler SCR-E and SCR-E Sport First Looks

Ducati and MT Distribution have partnered to produce two pedal-assist bicycles with Ducati Scrambler branding. These two-wheelers follow on the heels of the successful debut of the Ducati-branded electric scooters from Super Soco last year.

There are two flavors of pedal-assist bicycles sporting the Ducati Scrambler logo—the SCR-E and the SCR-E Sport. In addition to being both human- and electric-powered, both models are folding designs for easy transport.

The Scrambler SCR-E is a fat-tire bicycle with four-inch wide knobby Kenda Krusade Sport tires on 20-inch wire-spoke wheels. That means the SCR-E is capable of transport both on- and off-pavement, just like its ICE motorcycle equivalent.

Ducati Scrambler SCR-E First Look - pedal-assist
Ducati Scrambler SCR-E

Helping your legs out is a 374 Wh battery integrated into the frame. The range is up to 43 miles, which is plenty for urban environments.

The SCR-E doesn’t have a chromoly-steel trellis frame like it’s relative in the motorcycle world. Instead, the bicycle has an aluminum frame. The frame has a handle to make it easy to carry the SCR-E when necessary. Ducati describes the act of folding up the bike as “simple and quick.”

Ducati Scrambler SCR-E pedal-assist bicycle first look
Ducati Scrambler SCR-E

You don’t have to park the SCR-E after dark, as it has a headlight and a taillight integrated into the seat post for the Viento saddle. A sensor detects when it’s getting dark and turns the lighting on automatically. An LCD display helps you keep track of the technical status of the SCR-E, as well as your speed.

Disc brakes slow you down, and a Shimano seven-speed rear gear cluster makes pedaling less work at all speeds.

Ducati Scrambler SCR-E Sport First Look - pedal assist bicycle
Ducati Scrambler SCR-E Sport

For those who are serious about performance on a pedal-assist bicycle, the  SCR-E Sport is ready to go. The battery is bumped up to a 458 Wh unit, which extends the range to nearly 50 miles—that facilitates a long, fast commute.

It takes the SCR-E and adds full suspension—a telescopic fork and single rear shock. Further, the SCR-E Sport gets aluminum alloy wheels. Pavement-specific Kenda Kraze tires add traction on tarmac.

Ducati Scrambler SCR-E Sport pedal-assist bicycle first look
Ducati Scrambler SCR-E Sport

The Ducati Scrambler SCR-E and SCR-E Sport are already on sale in the UK at Ducati dealers, as well as on the Ducati website. The arrival date or price in the United States has yet to be determined, if we see these little gems at all.

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