Gear / Parts Reda Innovations Locks Review: Motorcycle Luggage, Jacket, and Helmet

Reda Innovations Locks Review: Motorcycle Luggage, Jacket, and Helmet

Reda Innovations is an Illinois-based company with many novel motorcycle-specific accessories (among other products) available for sale on its website. I initially contacted owner Ron Reda regarding his saddlebag-compatible gas can. However, the EPA changed their emission rules, and the Reda Gas Can needs to be recertified. When COVID-19 hit, the recertification process came to a halt. So, while I wait on the gas can, I’m checking out the Reda Luggage Jacket Lock, as well as the Reda Helmet Lock.

Reda Motorcycle Locks Review - MSRP

Every time I head off on a seven-day road trip, my saddlebags are completely stuffed. Everything is locked away from prying eyes and opportunistic thieves. However, my $400 jacket has to either be carried or left behind to chance as I visit a museum, take a hike down to a river to cool off, go into shops along my route, or spend hours at a bike show. The Reda Luggage Jacket Lock is a simple cable lock device. It’s six-feet of hardened aircraft stainless steel cable with a loop at one end and a glass-filled nylon ball at the other.

There are no extra keys to carry or combinations to remember. Instead, you must have a way to trap and lock away a one-inch ball.

Here is how it’s done:

  • Slide the looped end through the jacket sleeve, helmet D-ring, or the secure loops on your bag.
  • Pass the nylon ball through the loop.
  • Close the ball in a locking saddlebag.

It’s simple, quick, and secure. The cable is rubber-coated, so you won’t scratch your motorcycle’s paint.

If you don’t have locking saddlebags, but do have a mounted helmet lock, most helmet locks I have seen will hold the ball securely. If your seat locks securely, you can probably secure the ball there.

Reda Motorcycle Locks Review - Price

I have a friend with an Aprilia RSV4. He has just enough space in the ‘trunk’ to keep his folded up registration and insurance papers. I was able to lock the ball in that tiny little space. Now he doesn’t have to carry his $2000 airbag jacket or his $700 helmet around with him every time he stops to see the sights.

For those of you who have a bike that is helmet-lock challenged, Reda had a specific 12-inch Helmet Lock. It works on the same principle— you must have a way to lock away the ball. However, on the Helmet Lock, there is a removable ball at one end and a fixed ball at the other.

Here’s the process:

  • Take the removable ball off the cable.
  • Slide the cable through your D-rings.
  • Slip the removable ball back on.
  • Trap and lock the removable ball end under your seat or in a locking saddlebag.

Yes, with enough energy, noise, and commotion, a determined thief will eventually be able to break your saddlebag lid, though not without attracting a lot of attention. My Yamaha Venture has built-in helmet locks, but some of the new helmets are coming with ratchet closures that don’t have D-rings to put the cable through. If you have a helmet without D-rings, or are thinking of getting one, a motorcycle’s built-in helmet lock won’t work. I suggest the six-foot jacket cable and run the loop around the chin bar, and sling it through your jacket, too.

Reda Motorcycle Locks Review - Helmet, Jacket, Bags

The Reda Helmet Lock and the Reda Luggage Jacket Lock are easy to use, quick to install, and provide protection from opportunistic thieves. Each $20 lock is strong, versatile, and useful.

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Neil Wyenn
Neil Wyenn
Neil was 12 when he got his first Yamaha 80, and 56 years later enjoys touring on his Yamaha Royal Star Venture. There were a few breaks for college and raising a family, but motorcycling has always been a passion. He has two SaddleSore Iron Butts and eight Sturgis Rallies under his belt. He likes to ride, and he likes good gear to ride with.

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