2021 Motor Bike Expo Dates Set: Kickstarting A New Year

The 13th edition of the Motor Bike Expo is set for January 21-24, 2021. According to a Motor Bike Expo spokesman, “It is slated to be the re-launch of the entire two-wheel sector.”

MBE is working with manufacturers to get the 2021 models in front of motorcycle fans from all over the world. “There is already much enthusiasm and agreement from exhibitors and partners who have received the invitation from the organizers to collaborate in putting together an event capable of re-launching the future of motorcycles right here in Verona. Official presentations of new models and new concepts from major manufacturers for the European market and numerous announcements for accessories, apparel, and new technology are all expected.”

2021 Motor Bike Expo Dates Set - Verona Italy
The 2021 Motor Bike Expo will be held at the historic Veronafiere venue in Verona, Italy. MBE has good timing, as the 2020 edition MBE was held in January, before government shutdowns of public gatherings. The event earlier this year attracted 170,000 motorcycle enthusiasts.

“We have returned to working on building a great new edition of MBE, even if, to tell the truth, we never really stopped, ” comments Motor Bike Expo co-founder Paola Somma, “and we are truly happy to see in our exhibitors such real enthusiasm, which further fuels our unstoppable desire to create yet another unique event for all motorcycle enthusiasts—of course maintaining faith in what the health provisions will be. We confirm that the attention will be on the entire 360-degree motorcycle panorama, from the track to off-road, from customization to long road trips.”

2021 Motor Bike Expo Dates Set - Motorcycle Show

MBE will be keeping the event up to the latest safety standards. “The MBE staff have a long list of initiatives in the works, among them a series of promotions reserved for companies in order to create more spacious exhibition areas designed to facilitate social distancing,” according to an MBE spokesman. “There will be further enhancements to online ticketing services in order to lighten the burden on the exhibition center box offices.”

The city of Verona is an active partner in the Motor Bike Expo, and there will be plenty of events locally to enhance the experience beyond motorcycling.

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