Sena Outrush Smart Helmet First Look (7 Fast Facts)

As much as we like communications devices on our helmets, some folks don’t like modifying a helmet by adding an external device and interior hardware. The Sena Outrush smart helmet solves that problem by building a helmet that has the communications equipment integrated into the helmet. Let’s take a look at the new Sena Outrush.

Sena Outreach Smart Helmet - Price

1. With touring riders the target, the Sena Outrush is a modular helmet. In addition to the chinbar swinging up, there is also an internal drop-down sunshield.

2. The Sena Outrush helmet has its own system, rather than trying to modify an existing intercom model. The Outrush has a jog dial control on the left side of the shell, and it is inconspicuous–something you can’t say about most communications devices. The microphone and speakers are already integrated into the helmet and ready to go.

Sena Outreach Smart Helmet - MSRP

3. The feature set on the Outrush is familiar. There’s a two-way intercom that has a claimed range of up to a half-mile. As usual, you can pair the Outrush to your smartphone via Bluetooth 3.0. Once paired, you can listen to GPS navigation instructions, take phone calls, and listen to music. To improve the sound quality of intercom communications, the Outrush has Sena’s digital noise reduction system. Keep in mind that the Outrush is a $199 helmet, so it does not have the features of the high-end Sena stand-alone communication systems.

4. The Sena Outrush has DOT certification only.

Sena Outreach Smart Helmet - Communications Device

5. Sena makes no weight claims for the Outrush.

6. The battery charges in three-hours, but Sena does not make a claim for battery life. We’re okay with that, as the length of time a battery will last in a communications device is highly dependent on how you use it.

Sena Outreach Smart Helmet - Bluetooth
7. The Sena Outreach smart helmet has a five-year warranty. Additionally, it is firmware upgradable.

Sena Outrush Helmet Fast Facts
Sizes: S-XL
Colors: Matte Black; Gloss White
Certification: DOT
Sena Outrush Helmet Price: $199 MSRP

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