Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar Bag Review: ADV and Commuting Ready

Like many motorcyclists, I like having a tank bag. It is one piece of luggage that holds riding gloves, sunglasses, small toolkits, and various personal knickknacks. However, there are some objects, such as proof of insurance cards and house keys, that do get lost in this mix of personal effects. That means you need something like the Giant Loop Zigzag handlebar bag.

A handlebar bag fills the role of the motorcycle’s glovebox. It’s a place where you can securely store the small items that need to be quickly accessed.Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar Review - ADV Ready

Because Giant Loop focuses on adventure motorcycles, the Zigzag handlebar bag fits on the handlebar’s crossbar with a buckle and strap arrangement.

The Zigzag handlebar is made of Bombshell technical ballistic nylon trucker’s tarp, and Giant Loop says it the Zigzag is built to military standards. I can report that it creates a durable and highly water-resistant—though not waterproof—pouch that is easy to use while not interfering with any controls or the ever-present tank bag.

In the months that I have tested the Zigzag handlebar bag, I have relied on it to carry my house key, insurance card, spare sunglasses, and Clif bars, through rainstorms, stiff crosswinds, and pleasant weather commute rides. I was never concerned if my personal effects were at risk of being ejected or wet.


I have also come to appreciate how the Giant Loop Zigzag handlebar bag allows easy access to the house key and other everyday items, rather than hunting through my cavernous tank bag looking for a small object mixed with larger items. Its volume is 1.5 liters, with that stored inside a 10.5” x 4” x 2.5” package. An interior mech pocket closed by a zipper further allows compartmentalization.

In addition to strapping to handlebars, you can remove it at a stop and carry it with you handsfree by threading it onto your belt.

Finally, the $55 Giant Loop Zigzag handlebar bag is sold by an ADV-aimed company in Oregon.