2020 BMW GS Trophy Oceania: South Africa Wins New Zealand (Video)

2020 BMW GS Trophy Oceania: South Africa Wins New Zealand (Video)

After competitions in Tunisia, Southern Africa, Patagonia, Canada, Thailand and Mongolia, the 2020 BMW GS Trophy headed to New Zealand for the seventh edition.

Twenty-two teams, including to international female riding teams, battled aboard F 850 GS motorcycles throughout New Zealand, an island that features mountain peaks well over 3,000 meters and fjord landscapes.

F 850 GS Trophy Video

The South Africa team had already won two GS Trophies (Thailand, 2016; Mongolia, 2018), and it had completed the feat once again in 2020.

Team outh Africa (Cobus Theron, BJ Vosloo, Brandon Grimsted) claimed 394 points after more than 1,500 miles of competition in eight days. They narrowly won ahead of France (382 points) and Italy (380).

As for Team USA, Chris Johns, Harrison Kendrick and Kevin Johns finished 13th overall with 250 points.

BMW Motorrad says the GS riders had enjoyed an incredible eight days of adventure riding. New Zealand’s two islands had delivered a vast range of natural wonders; from ocean beaches to the peak of Mt. Cook, the riders had seen so much of the terrain, and the flora and fauna that makes this remote country such an intense experience.

And along the way they had made so many new friendships among the 22 international teams, proving that through a shared passion it’s possible to unite all men and women of the world under the one emblem – that of the GS.

Following the win, Team South Africa pilot Brandon Grimsted, said: “With just a five points gap coming into this morning it was a scary start to the day, we were nervous, shaking even and over-thinking everything!

“So in the jerrycan test we had a few problems but we got back up and carried on. For the final parcour this was one of the scariest events I’ve ever taken part in. But it was awesome, we set a fast time with super clean riding, we felt we’d done all that we could. And it was enough! We’re super-happy to take the win and we know for the GS community at home this is cause for celebration. Our third win, it’s wonderful.

“Equally we had a very fun week, we thoroughly enjoyed it and honestly it was some of the best off-road riding I’ve done. As a team we were already close, but the week of being in each other’s company all the hours of every day has bonded us for life! And the friends we’ve made along the way, from all these different nations – well, it makes the experience complete.”

Check out the video above for a recap of the final day.

2020 BMW GS Trophy Oceania: South Africa Wins New Zealand

2020 BMW 2020 Final Results:

1. South Africa 394
2. France 382
3. Italy 380
4. Netherlands 375
5. South Korea 361
6. Latin America 355
7. Brazil 335
8. Russia 316
9. Mexico 295
10. Argentina 278
11. Middle East 268
12. Australia 264
13. USA 254
14. Nordic 246
15. UK 238
16. Thailand 222
17. Japan 218
18. Malaysia 208
19. India 200
20. Int. Female Team I 169
21. North Africa 146
22. Int. Female Team II 118

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