Game Over Cycles Custom Yamaha Niken: A World’s First Unveiled

GOC Niken Customized Bike front end

Game Over Cycles (GOC) out of Poland became the world’s first custom motorcycle manufacturer to unveil a Yamaha Niken build.

The Niken – Yamaha’s unique leaning tricycle that uses two side-by-side wheels operated by individual forks – was revealed during the Custombike Show 2019 in the German town of Bad Salzuflen.

GOC Niken Customized Bike priceDuring the “largest trade fair for customized motorcycles in the world” that hosted over 32,000 people, the GOC Niken won the “craziest bike” award. Over 1,000 customs were present at the show, which says much about the Niken’s innovative design.

And this week GOC released loads of photos from the event and some studio shots of the custom Niken, which took around 1400 man-hours to create.

The Niken debuted in 2018 and utilizes Yamaha’s unique Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) technology. Except for two front leaning wheels the extraordinary construction of the motorcycle consists of four steering heads and dual-tube upside-down forks.

Speaking of the build, the head of GOC, Stanisław Myszkowski, said “Niken to many people is revolutionary, to others a controversial bike. This is exactly how people also react to our custom bikes, that’s why I got interested in it right from the beginning. In terms of technology, nothing should be changed in this machine.

GOC Niken Customized Bike award winner“The Japanese technical solutions at the highest level provide Niken’s great driving abilities, but from the first moment I saw it live, I felt we could modify its appearance and give the machine a little different character.

“To achieve this we changed the whole body. All plastic elements have been replaced by aluminum, thanks to which the vehicle’s shapes have become more sharp, even aggressive, without losing its aerodynamic properties. Bearing in mind Niken’s speed one can say, that now this motorcycle cuts the air almost like a samurai sword.”

Game Over Cycles Niken Custom: About the Build

The Game Over Cycles Niken designers had some difficulties when designing the all-new bodywork that was handmade from aluminum. The challenge was creating bodywork that wouldn’t collide due to the bike’s unique leaning process.

GOC says that Niken’s front suspension moves in many dimensions, so proper balance between the new visual elements and the original driving solutions was the most challenging part of motorcycle’s modification.

GOC Niken Customized Bike LED lightsMagdalena Piskorz, Yamaha Motor Poland General Director, said, “Since the beginning of cooperation with GOC I have been extremely impressed with Staszek’s talent, his unconventional approach to customization and out of this world ideas that have been appreciated around the world for years.

“I am glad that for the latest project he chose this model, so innovative and unique for Yamaha. Working with such professionals is a pure pleasure.”

Following is a breakdown of the bike’s creation:

Elements modified by GOC:

  • Steering wheel cover together with the brake fluid container housing
  • Brake and clutch levers
  • Mirrors
  • Speedometer cover
  • Front fenders
  • Rear fender with the rear section of the motorcycle
  • Akrapovic exhaust element
  • Frame holding the seat
  • Seat base
  • Fuel tank
  • Air filters
  • Cooler and its cover
  • Battery box
  • Engine and suspension covers
  • Front lamp covers with lens sleeves

Elements without lacquer and polished to the bare aluminum:

  • All wheels
  • Rear fender handle
  • Rear swingarm
  • Front suspension
  • Footrest holders
  • Engine covers
  • Whole frame
  • Leather seat: WB Line

Game Over Cycles Custom Niken: Photo Gallery