2019 Honda CB1100 RS 5Four First Look: 50th Anniversary

2019 Honda CB1100 RS 5Four First Look - right side

2019 Honda CB1100 RS 5Four First Look

The 50th anniversary of the iconic Honda CB750 is an important event around the world. To commemorate it in the United Kingdom, Honda UK has commissioned 5Four Motorcycles to build a run of 54 custom motorcycles based on the CB1100 RS.
2019 Honda CB1100 RS 5Four First Look -right front

The factory-authorized custom CB1100 RS 5Four is more than a styling exercise. It is equipped with a Renthal Ultra Low handlebar to put the rider in a more sporting position. To match that, there are Tomaselli racing grips, short racing brakes levers, billet mirrors, and an aluminum bikini fairing. The solo seat and aluminum tailpiece are also custom items. For a sound that matches the appearance of the CB1100 RS 5Four, Racefit Urban Growler titanium mufflers are handling the exhaust note.2019 Honda CB1100 RS 5Four First Look - exhaust

There are plenty of impressive visual touches to augment the performance,. The paintwork invokes Honda’s works World Endurance racers of years past. The Honda logo and wing are hand-painted, rather than go the easy route of using stickers. A nickel-plated 5Four badge is embedded in the tailpiece. As is often the case with limited edition runs, the 2019 Honda CB1100 RS 5Four has an edition number etched into the badge.

Guy Willison is the man behind 5Four Motorcycles was catapulted to fame via The Motorbike Show. Like Ultimate Motorcycling President Arthur Coldwells, Willison is a former dispatch rider—54 was Willison’s dispatch number. Later in life, Willison became a motorcycle mechanic and tuner.

“5Four Motorcycles was created to move away from the ‘one size fits all’ standard and to build thoroughbred machines with cool design, a statement of individualism, quality, performance and exclusivity,” Willison explains. “From the moment I first saw the CB1100 RS,  I knew it had the potential to be a thoroughbred, single-seat, point-and-squirt A and B road blaster. We’re passionate about this motorcycle. We have just selfishly designed and built it, and it stirs us when we walk up to it, and we don’t want to leave it at the end of a day’s riding.”

The 2019 Honda CB1100 RS 5Four has a £15,554 MSRP, with financing available through Honda Finance. Each edition will be hand-built, so expect a wait of approximately three months. Upon request, and subject to scheduling, the buyer can take delivery of the CB1100 RS 5Four directly from Willison in Corby, about 60 miles east of Birmingham in the East Midlands.

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