The Motorbike Show with Henry Cole

The Motorbike Show

Presented by Harley-Davidson

Henry Cole is one of those slightly eccentric, yet charming Brits who just happens to be mad about motorcycles. His show appears weekly on mainstream TV in the UK, however, in the USA, he is relatively unknown. The Motorbike Show has Henry and friends restoring, showing, buying, and riding motorcycles of all ages and description—all presented in an engaging and humorous style.  And Henry doesn’t just build or talk about motorcycles, he also races them. He is the world land speed record holder for pre-1955 750cc motorcycles, and rides every year for Brough Superior and Gladstone at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

New episodes are published monthly, on the first Thursday of each month. 

The Motorbike Show, Episode 6 (June 2017)

In this episode: Henry starts the process of teaching his sons to ride; he and Pete start the restoration of Henry’s recently acquired ‘basket case’ Triumph Bonneville; and Henry visits Garry Laurence and his stunning collection of Cafe Racers.


The Motorbike Show, Episode 5 (May 2017)

In this episode: Henry takes on the world of competitive Trials riding on a classic Yamaha YT175; he and Pete ride a Ural sidecar for the first time; and they start the restoration of henry’s recently acquired ‘basket case’ Triumph Bonneville.

The Motorbike Show, Episode 3 (Pilot episode on UM)

In this our first episode: Henry decides to start a Streetfighter show-project based around an aging and very used Suzuki GSX-R; he goes to the White Helmets (Royal Signals) motorcycle display team to try his hand learning some display riding skills; he visits The Classic Motorcycle Show in Stafford where he meets Isle of Man TT racing legend Graeme Crosby; he tries his hand at ‘moto gymkhana’; and he visits a moto auction to see if there’s anything he can afford.

The Motorbike Show, Episode 4 (April 2017)

In this episode: Henry investigates learning to ride the Wall of Death; Henry continues with his Suzuki GSX-R streetfighter show build and takes it to ‘Brightona’; he visits The Bike Experience, a charity that helps disabled riders get back on two wheels; he talks to some of the BSB racers’ wives and girlfriends about what it’s like being with a superbike racer; and Henry tries out a spot of basic enduro riding.