2019 Vertigo Dougie Lampkin Replica First Look (14 Fast Facts)

2019 Vertigo Dougie Lampkin Replica - above front

2019 Vertigo Dougie Lampkin Replica Trials Motorcycle

It is getting to be a regular thing with Vertigo—a boutique Spanish observed trials manufacturer—late in the year they debut a new Dougie Lampkin Replica model. Named after the 12-time World Champion who has a strong association with Vertigo, the 2019 Vertigo Dougie Lampkin Replica has quite a few features to set it apart from other 2019 Vertigos. Rather than turn the Vertigo trials bike into a fire-breather, many of the changes are aimed at making it easier to ride for riders below the expert level. Let's take a look.

  1. The 2019 Vertigo Dougie Lampkin Replica gets a new frame. Vertigo claims a “more agile and controlled ride” and boasts a weight drop of 1.75 pounds.
  1. The suspension is new, with a Tech Racing fork and Reiger 3-way shock. Tech boasts “maximum precision and responsive feedback to the rider,” while Reiger says the new shock “provides even smoother and more controlled suspension travel, as well as improved traction and stability in all conditions.”
  1. Grasping the fork legs are billet aluminum machined triple clamps. So they stand out, the triple clamps are anodized red.

  1. Many of the changes are intended to make the power delivery smoother to increase traction. The Vertigo motorcycles have demanding fuel-injected two-stroke motors. The 2019 Dougie Lampkin replica gets Lampkin’s smoother personal engine mappings, a DL Racing throttle body to smooth the power, and a heavier 11.85-ounce flywheel.
  1. The 2019 Vertigo Dougie Lampkin Replica has a completely new clutch. Vertigo tells us the pull is lighter, with the clutch action being more responsive while enhancing feel. The clutch also gets a red-anodized S3 clutch adjuster, and a similar brake adjuster matches it. Oh, and the master cylinders for the brake and clutch have red-anodized covers.
  1. A new radiator and fan move more air to keep the motor cool. The radiator is also designed to be more durable.
  1. The titanium exhaust is exclusive to this motorcycle.

  1. New silencer guard spacers thin ergonomics. 
  1. S2 Hard Rock footpegs are standard on the new Vertigo Dougie Lampkin Replica. They have non-slip steel pins for your boots, and the same red anodizing as found on the triple clamps.
  1. Lanyard kill switches are becoming more common on observed trials motorcycles, and the Dougie Lampkin Replica has one. 
  1. The motor gets extra carbon fiber guards to minimize crash damage.


  1. When you’re working on your Vertigo, you can enjoy the custom DLR work mat. 
  1. In addition to the red anodized parts—including the rims and many detail goodies—the Dougie Lampkin Replica has its own graphics. Plus, there’s a replica of Lampkin’s signature on the airbox cover, which is where you would expect the fuel tank to be. Vertigo puts the fuel tank under the seat. 
  1. To make sure there’s no question that you have a 2019 Vertigo Dougie Lampkin Replica, there’s an engraved metal plate attesting to its parentage. There will be only 50 examples of this motorcycle produced. Check with Vertigo Motors USA for availability and pricing.

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