2019 Southwick Motocross National Results and Coverage (10 Fast Facts)

Moto 2 start
Moto 2 start

2019 Southwick Motocross National Results:
Musquin, Osborne Swap Moto Wins

Marvin Musquin took his second overall win of the year with a 1-2 performance at the 2019 Southwick Motocross National, with Zach Osborne taking his first-ever career 450MX moto win. Musquin, Osborne, and 2019 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship Series leader Eli Tomac locked out the podium in both motos. Tomac went 2-3 for P3 overall, padding his series lead to 26 points as Ken Roczen suffered severe endurance problems. Although not quite as hot and humid as it was in Florida last week, the temperatures ran up into the 90s with humidity around 50 percent at The Wick 338 in Massachusetts.

Moto 2 start
Moto 2 start
  1. Marvin Musquin’s 1-2 earn him his second consecutive overall win of the year, and he moves into P2 in the championship standings. After qualifying first in the morning, Musquin (Red Bull KTM) grabbed the moto 1 holeshot. Musquin battled with Tomac and Roczen early in the first lap before opening a 3.7-second margin by the end of lap 2 (of 16). From there, it was clear sailing for Musquin, with his lead peaking at over 13 seconds on lap 10. Musquin didn’t quite get the start in moto 2, and he found himself battling with Roczen and Cooper Webb as moto-2 winner Osborne escaped. With 47 points on the day, Musquin passes Roczen in the standings and sits 26 points behind leader Tomac at the halfway point in the 2019 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship season.

    2019 Southwick Motocross National Results - Marvin Musquin
    Marvin Musquin
  2. Class rookie Zach Osborne looked strong in both motos, and won a 450 National moto for the first time. Osborne (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing) had it relatively easy in moto 2, as he passed Webb for the lead after a few turns on lap 1 and never looked back. Osborne was fastest almost the entire second moto, building his lead to over 11 seconds at the checkered flag. It was a bit tougher for Osborne in the first moto, as he engaged in battles with Tomac, Roczen, and Webb early on. Osborne ran in P2 for three laps a third of the way into moto 1, but Tomac had the speed and displaced him. Osborne eventually dropped far off the pace, finishing over 15 seconds behind second-place Tomac.

    2019 Southwick Motocross National Results - Zach Osborne
    Zach Osborne
  1. Eli Tomac never truly looked like he had the speed to be a moto winner, and rode steadily instead. Going 2-3, Tomac (Monster Energy Kawasaki) battled with other podium hopefuls early in both motos, and had an especially tough time in moto 1. In the first moto, Tomac started in P2, dropped down to P4 on lap 4, and regrouped to regain his P2 slot by the midway point. A bad start doomed Tomac in moto 2, as he was in P8 after the first lap. Tomac moved into a podium position on lap 7, but by then leader Osborne was gone. Tomac challenged Musquin for P2 briefly before falling back into a lonely P3 to the end. Tomac only has one moto win in the last six races, yet he has a comfortable 26-point lead in the standings.

    2019 Southwick Motocross National Results - Eli Tomac
    Eli Tomac
  1. Ken Roczen’s collapse continues, as he went 12-10 on the day. In the beginning of both motos, Roczen (Team Honda HRC) showed that he had the speed to compete. However, Roczen did not have the endurance. Roczen was running in the 2:17s and 2:18s early in moto 1, dropping to the 2:27s by lap 12, and eventually slowing to 2:36 on the final lap. Roczen was running in P5 at the halfway point before ending the race in P12. In moto 2, Roczen seized P2 on lap 3, and then started a slow decline. He was back in P6 at the halfway point and finished in P10. Roczen opened the moto with 2:18 laps, dropping to 2:22s by lap 4, 2:27s by lap 6, and never better than 2:31 from lap 10 on. Something is seriously wrong, and he drops to P3 in the 2019 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship Series standings.

    Ken Roczen, Cooper Webb, Eli Tomac
    Roczen leads Webb and Tomac
  1. Fredrik Norén impressed in his JGRMX/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing debut. With less than a week on the factory RM-Z450, Norén went 5-7 on the day. The 30 points he scored put him in a three-way tie for P5 for the overall, with Jason Anderson and Justin Barcia. However, Anderson and Barcia finished ahead of Norén in moto 2, dropping Norén to P7 overall. Regardless, Norén looked great as he left his truly privateer Honda CRF450R behind. He is a former fill-in rider at Team Honda, and they must be kicking themselves for not putting him in injured Cole Seely’s seat.

    Joey Savatgy, Fredrik Norén, Justin Bogle
    Savatgy leads Norén and Bogle
  1. Cooper Webb went 4-4, for his best result of the season. Webb (Red Bull KTM) doesn’t look like a threat for a moto win, even though he led a Southwick moto early, yet he does have podiums in his immediate future. Webb has finished in the top five in the last five motos, including a podium in moto 2 at High Point. Webb is closing in on Anderson in the standings, and is now just 10 points behind Anderson, who sits in P5.

    2019 Southwick Motocross National Results - Cooper Webb, Zach Osborne, Ken Roczen
    Webb leads, followed by Osborne and Musquin
  1. Anderson entered The Wick 338 tied with Osborne in the series standings, but lost 15 championship points to Osborne in the sand, heat, and humidity. Anderson (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing) had an uninspiring 7-5 day, and now has sole possession of P5 in the 2019 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship Series standings.
  1. Sixes are wild for Justin Barcia. Barcia (Monster Energy/Yamaha Factory Racing) has finished in P6 in the last four motos. Barcia sits in P7 in the standings, 43 points behind Webb.
  1. Returning from injury during the Supercross season, Aaron Plessinger made a very quiet debut in the 450MX class. Plessinger (Monster Energy/Yamaha Factory Racing) went 18-16 on the day for P17 overall. He will need to do better.
  2. It’s Redbud next week! As is traditional over the July 4th weekend, the AMA National series lands in Buchanan, Michigan for the Circle K Redbud National. The racing schedule is a bit off from normal, as the 450MX class rides first, so keep an eye on our 2019 Pro Motocross TV Schedule to make sure you don’t miss a lap.


2019 Southwick Motocross National Results, The Wick 338, Southwick, MA

  1. Marvin Musquin, KTM, 1-2; 47 points
  2. Zach Osborne, Husqvarna, 3-1; 45 points
  3. Eli Tomac, Kawasaki, 2-3; 42 points
  4. Cooper Webb, KTM, 4-4; 36 points
  5. Jason Anderson, Husqvarna, 7-5; 30 points
  6. Justin Barcia, Yamaha, 6-6; 30 points
  7. Fredrik Noren, Suzuki, 5-7, 30 points
  8. Dean Ferris, Yamaha, 8-12; 22 points
  9. Ken Roczen, Honda, 12-10; 20 points
  10. John Short, Honda, 15-9; 18 points
  11. Justin Bogle, KTM, 11-13; 18 points
  12. Blake Baggett, KTM, 10-18; 14 points
  13. Joey Savatgy, Kawasaki, 36-8; 13 points
  14. Benny Bloss, KTM, 9-39; 12 points
  15. Coty Schock, KTM, 17-14; 11 points
  16. Lorenzo Locurcio, Kawasaki, 40-11; 10 points
  17. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha, 18-16; 8 points
  18. Henry Miller, KTM, 13-38; 8 points
  19. James Weeks, Yamaha, 14-27; 7 points
  20. Tristan Lane, KTM, 22-15; 6 points
  21. Ryan Dowd, Suzuki, 16-24; 5 points
  22. Ben Lamay, Honda, 25-17; 4 points
  23. Chris Canning, Kawasaki, 21-19; 2 points
  24. Tyler Bowers, Kawasaki, 19-40; 2 points
  25. Taki Koga, Kawasaki, 31-20; 1 point
  26. Toshiki Tomita, Honda, 20-36; 1 point

2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross AMA National Championship Standings (after 6 of 12 rounds)

  1. Eli Tomac, Kawasaki, 257 points (5 moto wins)
  2. Marvin Musquin, KTM, 231 (2 moto wins)
  3. Ken Roczen, Honda, 229 points (3 moto wins)
  4. Zach Osborne, Husqvarna, 227 (1 moto win)
  5. Jason Anderson, Husqvarna, 212
  6. Cooper Webb, KTM, 202
  7. Justin Barcia, Yamaha, 159
  8. Dean Ferris, Yamaha, 136
  9. Blake Baggett, KTM, 131 (1 moto win)
  10. Justin Bogle, KTM, 117
  11. Fredrik Noren, Honda/Suzuki, 111
  12. Cole Seely, Honda, 59
  13. Ben Lamay, Honda, 56
  14. Lorenzo Locurcio, Kawasaki, 55
  15. Joey Savatgy, Kawasaki, 54
  16. Justin Hill, Suzuki, 51
  17. Todd Waters, Husqvarna, 46
  18. Tyler Bowers, Kawasaki, 46
  19. Benny Bloss, KTM, 39
  20. John Short, Honda, 36
  21. Henry Miller, KTM, 36
  22. Jake Masterpool, Honda, 35
  23. Toshiki Tomita, Honda, 21
  24. Dylan Merriam, Husqvarna, 18
  25. James Weeks, Yamaha, 13
  26. Taiki Koga, Kawasaki, 12
  27. Coty Schock, KTM, 11
  28. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha, 8
  29. Kyle Chisholm, Suzuki, 7
  30. Tristan Lane, KTM, 6
  31. Cody Cooper, Honda, 6
  32. Matthew Hubert, Husqvarna, 5
  33. Ryan Dowd, Suzuki 5
  34. Erki Kahro, KTM, 5
  35. Mathias Jorgensen, Honda, 3
  36. Chris Canning, Kawasaki, 2
  37. Dare Demartile, Honda, 2
  38. Felix Lopez, KTM, 1
  39. Brandan Leith, Kawasaki, 1
  40. Heath Harrison, Kawasaki, 1