Scooters Quadro Oxygen Electric Scooter | First Look

Quadro Oxygen Electric Scooter | First Look

Quadro Oxygen Electric Scooter: Swappable Batteries

While there has been a big push for electric motorcycles, electricity is a much more natural match for scooters. Motorcycles often need a long range, while scooters are generally short-distance vehicles. The new Quadro Oxygen electric scooter has a claimed 50-mile range along with another feature that will help extend that range.

The Quadro Oxygen has two removable 48 V batteries. If you can get back home, you can swap batteries and continue to ride after going through its 50-mile range. The battery pack can be recharged in six hours.

Quadro Electric Scooter SalePower is transferred to the rear wheel via a belt, and it features linked disc brakes—large-diameter 16-inch wheels are used at both ends. An app is used to work in conjunction with the four-inch LCD screen. Lighting, front and back, is by LED.

The Quadro Oxygen debuted at the 2019 Parco Valentino auto show in Turino, Italy. It features a 3 kW battery, and the scooter is designed to carry a passenger. According to Quadro Vehicles, the electric motor’s performance is the equivalent of a 125cc four-stroke. Its minimalist design features mobility over the traditional cargo-carrying capabilities of a scooter. If you are willing to run with one battery, cutting the range to 25 miles, a helmet can be stored under the seat. The Quadro Oxygen’s claimed curb weight is 187 pounds with both batteries installed.

“It is a high-quality vehicle, fun to drive, and particularly suitable for moving around in the city traffic and in closed off areas,” according to Quadro Vehicles CEO Paolo Gagliardo. “The silent vehicle perfectly combines safety and technology, typical of Quadro Vehicles’ products, with the pleasure of an agile and environmentally friendly ride.”

Quadro Oxygen Scooter for saleQuadro Vehicles is based in Vacallo, a Swiss town bordering Italy near Lake Como. Quadro Vehicles also makes the Qooder and eQooder four-wheeled vehicles, along with the QV3 three-wheeler. The Qooder is a scooter-like four-wheeler with tilting wheels, while the QV3 scooter has a single rear wheel and two leanable front wheels. Also coming from Quadro Vehicles in 2020 is the high-tech Nuvio, another leaning three-wheeler with two wheels in the front.

The Quadro Oxygen electric scooter is Quadro Vehicles’ sole two-wheel offering.

Don Williams
Don Williams
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