Sammy Miller and Dougie Lampkin: Six Days Trial Legends

Sammy Miller and Dougie Lampkin: Six Days Trial Legends

Six Days Trial Legends

Scotland is a land that’s famous for it’s stunning scenery; from its ancient highland landscapes to some of the cleanest beaches the world has seen. However, it’s the historic Scottish Six Days Trial that really opens the door to much of what Scotland has to offer. Biking adds a whole new dimension to the country.

The Scottish Six Days Trail is a motorcycle event that tests the skills of riders from all over the world. It’s focused mainly in the Lochaber area of Scotland and allows riders to compete with professional and first-rate riders across anything from moorland to regular roads.

Sammy Miller and Dougie Lampkin: Six Days Trial LegendsA wide range of ages also happily participate. Taking place across 6 consecutive days, 100 miles and 30 sections, enduring this exhilarating task requires no short measure of grit, hard work and determination.

Two of the people who’ve repeatedly mastered the Six Days Trails are Sammy Miller and Dougie Lampkin. Miller, 85 and an MBE, is a veteran of the biking arena with a museum of his own in his Hampshire home, whereas Lampkin, 43, is still in the midst’s of building his already impressive career.

Nevertheless, each are going from strength to strength today, especially in terms of their productive and bountiful partnership with the popular biking fashion brand Belstaff, of which every party involved has benefited greatly.

From outfitting to interviews, Belstaff have heralded these biking heroes for years, and in Miller’s case their relationship originated all the way back in 1954. In a recent interview with Belstaff, Miller intricately described the makings of what would go on to be a close bond with the brand, stating that while prompted by an advertisement, he wrote to them requesting a suit to wear during his next go at the world-famous Trial.

Dougie Lampkin at Six Days Enduro Scottish
Dougie Lampkin

They responded in kind, “we’ll support you at the Scottish Six Day. Send us your measurements and what you want.” Just like that, an unbreakable union was formed between Miller and Belstaff, and each has played a part in the other’s success. Miller was still competing when he was 76, and even today he continues to clamber on his bikes for demonstration events.

Furthermore, according to Belstaff, Lampkin has so far enjoyed “five consecutive World Indoor and seven consecutive World Outdoor Championships alongside victories in the Scott Trails and World Team Championships”, excelling as an elder statesman. He’s won the Six Days Trails a staggering 12 times, and two years ago nearly became the first person ever to ride a clean Trial.

Lampkin in the most recent Six Day Trial Race in early May lost out to James Dabill, bringing his 7 consecutive wins of the trial dating back to 2012 to an end. Still, Miller’s commitment to the craft has never faltered once either. He won the trial five times in the 1960s, and to this day remains as enthused about biking and competition than ever before.

Sammy Miller vinage motorcycle racer
Sammy Miller

No doubt Lampkin would wish for half the career that Miller has had! Still, recently the two legends met at Miller’s Hampshire museum. The cross-generational biking legends bantered back and forth, and it’s clear through these encounters that the events and Trials are in good hands.

There’s a mild sense of passing the torch, with Lampkin stating that he’s “going to take out [Sammy’s] replica GOV 132 Ariel” that Miller had once built himself, and the two rode together in one another’s company. There’s a mutual respect between them that transcends time – one that can keep good sportsmanship and motorcycle sports themselves alive for a long while yet.