Dunlop Sportmax RoadSport 2 First Look (9 Fast Facts)

Dunlop Roadsport 2 First Look - right 3/4

Dunlop Sportmax RoadSport 2 First Look:
New Sport Motorcycle Tires

Dunlop has released the Sportmax RoadSport 2, a new value-oriented performance tire. Let’s look at where Dunlop positions the RoadSport 2 in its range.

  1. The Dunlop Sportmax RoadSport 2 sits between the budget-aware Sportmax GPR-300 and performance-focused Sportmax Q3+.
  1. Dunlop suggests the RoadSport 2 as a tire upgrade for the Suzuki SV650. The Yamaha YZF-R3, Kawasaki Z400, Kawasaki Ninja 400, and Kawasaki Z900RS come stock with GPR-300 tires, so those motorcycles are candidates for the new RoadSport 2 if the owner wants to upgrade to higher performance rubber.Dunlop Roadsport 2 First Look - right 3/4
  1. According to Dunlop, the RoadSport 2 has two primary improvements over the GPR-300. Dunlop claims that the Sportmax RoadSport 2 has “more grip and stability under braking,” compared to the GPR-300, as well as “enhanced wet and dry grip.”
  1. Appropriate for a street tire, Dunlop says the Sportmax RoadSport 2 warms up quickly.
  1. The RoadSport 2 is certainly sport-oriented, according to Dunlop's description of its performance. Per Dunlop, the RoadSport 2 offers “nimble, predictable handling and quick turn-in.”
  1. All Dunlop RoadSport 2 tires are 17-inchers. Dunlop Roadsport 2 First Look - profile
  1. All Dunlop RoadSport 2 tires are W speed-rated. That makes them good for 149 mph at the maximum load rating, and 168 mph at 75 percent of the maximum weight capacity.
  1. Dunlop offers the Sportmax RoadSport 2 in one width for the front, and two profiles. You have to want a 120 front, though you can get it with a 60 or 70 profile.
  1. In the rear, Dunlop has five choices for the Sportmax Roadsport 2, with widths ranging from 160 to 200. The lowest profile tire among the Sportmax RoadSport 2 rear tires is the 190/50, with the highest-profile version being the 160/60. The 190 is available in either 50 or 55 profiles. There’s also a 180/55, though no 170 option.

Dunlop Sportmax RoadSport 2 Sizes

120/60 x 17
120/70 x 17

160/60 x 17
180/55 x 17
190/50 x 17
190/55 x 17
200/55 x 17

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