EarPeace M Earplugs Review: Hearing Protection for Motorcyclists

EarPeace M Earplugs Review - Hearing Protection Motorcycle

EarPeace M Earplugs Review: Designed for Motorcycle Riding

For years I’ve had friends implore me to use ear protection. I wanted to use earplugs when I rode, but I could never find a pair that didn’t drive me to distraction. They would either irritate my ears by how they felt inside of them, or create an annoying pressure in my ears that left me wanting to remove them ASAP. Then, I tried EarPeace earplugs.

The first thing I noticed about EarPeace M earplugs is that they are exceptionally malleable. That made me feel good about them right away. Installing them in my ears was simple. No spit was involved—just pull up on the outside of my ear and slip them in.EarPeace M Earplugs Review - Hearing Protection Motorcycle

Much to my amazement and excitement, the EarPeace M earplugs feel great in my ears. There is no physical discomfort, and no pressure. Impressively, it is like they aren’t even in my ears, except that the sound level is reduced noticeably.

The EarPeace M earplugs come three to a pack, and they can all be carried together in a two-inch long cylinder that can be clipped to a keychain or on your person. This gives you a place to stow the earplugs at lunchtime.

Removing EarPeace M earplugs is easy, as they have a little pull-tab on them. Grasp the tab, and they pull right out, even though they happily stay in when donning and removing my helmet.

Another feature of the EarPeace M earplugs is that they are adjustable. They come with three sets of inserts to adjust the volume. It takes just a few seconds to swap them out and in.

The clear insert drops the sound 11 dB, which is a nice amount and it works well if you’re using an intercom system to communicate with a passenger or other riders, or if you are listening to music.

The black insert cuts sound down by a significant 19 dB. That’s perfect for solo riding where you want the most hearing protection possible. Even with the black inserts, you can always hear cars around you—most of the cut in sound volume is white noise being suppressed.

There is also a red insert that drops the sound by 14 dB. If the clear doesn’t cut the sound enough and the black insert makes it too hard for you to hear—everyone has different hearing sensitivities—then the red insert is Goldilocks.

To clean the EarPeace M earplugs, I just wash them gently in my hands with Method Gel Hand Wash, and then let them air dry.

So, after decades of unsuccessfully trying to find earplugs that work for me, my search is finally over. The EarPeace M earplugs have come to the rescue of my ears.

EarPeace M Earplugs Fast Facts
Sizes: Standard, Petite
Case color: Black; Red
Sound level reduction: 19 dB (black insert); 14 dB (red insert); 11 dB (clear insert)
EarPeace M Earplugs Price: $25 (set of 3) MSRP. Discounts for quantity purchases.