Honda CR Electric Proto First Look + Video (6 Fast Facts)

Honda CR Electric Proto First Look

Honda CR Electric Proto Motocross Motorcycle First Look

Out of the blue, Honda has revealed the Honda CR Electric Proto, a Honda CRF250F-based electric motocross racer. Since its ambiguous debut at a show in Tokyo last month, we’ve been collecting information on this revolutionary motocrosser. Here’s what we know to date, along with a video of the Honda CR Electric Proto in action.

  1. The prototype was jointly developed at Honda R&D Japan with M-TEC. Honda R&D Japan was in charge of building the prototype, and M-TEC produced the battery power unit using Maxell batteries. M-TEC is the parent company of Mugen Motorsports, which has built the winning motorcycle at every Isle Of Man TT Zero Race since 2014.Honda CR Electric Proto First Look
  2. The Honda CR Electric Proto uses a 2018 Honda CRF250R frame. Modifications have been made to the frame to accommodate the battery and electric motor. Beyond the twin-spar aluminum frame, the Honda CR Electric Proto uses Showa suspension, Dunlop tires, and DID DirtStar rims. The plastic and graphics mimic the CRF250R motocrosser, but without the “F” in the graphics.
  3. The Honda CR Electric Prototype is a runner. Check out the video.
  4. The goal for the Honda CR Electric Proto is 250cc-level performance. With the Honda CRF250R frame, Honda is also looking to get CRF250R motor performance from the M-TEC power unit.
  5. As a prototype, the Honda CR Electric Proto is a development platform. According to a Honda spokesman, “Honda will use technical know-how gained from CR Electric Prototype to continue development of on-/off-road electric motorcycle sports performance. This model was developed as an electric motorcycle that endures motocross riding over severe terrain. Honda aims to tackle EV’s unique characteristics and issues and apply knowledge gained in future development of retail EV motorcycles.”
  6. There is no projected release date or target price. Although the Honda CR Electric Prototype does run and looks like a finished product, it is truly a prototype at this juncture.