First Look: 2019 Honda PCX Hybrid Scooter (14 Fast Facts)

2019 Honda PCX Hybrid First Look
2019 Honda PCX Hybrid.

2019 Honda PCX Hybrid Scooter First Look:
Gasoline + Electric

Hybrid cars are old hat by now, and electric scooters have been around for over a decade. The 2019 Honda PCX Hybrid scooter is the first mass-produced two-wheeler of its kind, utilizing a 124cc motor and lithium-ion battery to power the vehicle. Honda calls it a “motorcycle hybrid system,” so expect to see it on future Honda motorcycles. Right now, the 2019 Honda PCX Hybrid is only available in Japan, but that doesn’t stop us from taking a close first look at it right now.

  1. An alternating current generator (ACG) starter gets the 124cc fired up and the 2019 Honda PCX Hybrid moving forward. As you turn the throttle, the ACG works in conjunction with the 124cc to get you on your way. Because electric motors have their peak torque at the lowest rpm, they are ideal for assisting a small displacement internal combustion engine (ICE).
  2. A 48V lithium-ion battery powers the AGC. The battery sits in the 23-liter luggage box, which still has room for a full-face helmet. 
  3. The Power Drive Unit sits in the fairing. By hiding away the PDU, AGC, and battery, the 2019 Honda PCX Hybrid retains expected scooter ergonomics and utility.
  4. The 125cc ICE is typical modern scooter tech. It has a SOHC two-valve top end, liquid cooling, and EFI.
  5. Once underway, the ACG stands ready to assist the motor, as needed. “The assist amount is determined according to the amount of throttle,” a Honda spokesman explains, “and enables agile acceleration according to ride conditions while maintaining ease of use equivalent to the [standard] PCX.”
  6. There are two motor assist modes. The D mode is set up for enhanced fuel economy and a more sedate ride. Alternatively, the S mode improves performance rather than fuel efficiency.

  7. The batteries boost torque by about 36 percent and horsepower by about 15 percent. That gives the 2019 Honda PCX Hybrid peak outputs of 14 horsepower and 12 ft/lbs of torque.

  8. In scooter tradition, the PCX Hybrid has a fully automatic continuously variable transmission. It is genuinely twist-and-go.
  9. An idling stop system enhances fuel economy. When at a stop, the 2019 Honda PCX Hybrid’s ICE shuts off. When it comes time to go again, the ACG gets everything running again.
  10. A high-tech instrument panel keeps the rider aware of all critical functions. You can keep tabs on which mode the PCX Hybrid is in, how much assist the battery is giving to the ICE, and various battery charge statuses. Of course, you also get speed and fuel consumption readouts, as well as a clock.
  11. The claimed fuel consumption for the 2019 Honda PCX Hybrid is 122 mpg in real-world conditions with one rider. Two-up at a steady 37 mph, the PCX Hybrid will get 129 mpg. The fuel tank holds 2.1 gallons, so it will go quite a distance between visits to the gas station.

  12. The rest of the PCX Hybrid is similar to the standard PCX scooter.The PCX Hybrid has 14-inch wheels, a front disc brake with ABS, fork/swingarm suspension, and a double cradle frame. The curb weight of the PCX Hybrid is 298 pounds—exactly the same as the new ICE-only Honda PCX150 sold in the United States. 
  13. Honda will build 2000 examples of the 2019 PCX Hybrid in Vietnam. The MSRP, including Japan’s eight percent consumption tax, is ¥432,000—the equivalent of approximately $3950, depending on the exchange rate. The US 2019 PCX150 has an MSRP of $3699—not much difference!

  14. Honda has upgraded the 2019 PCX here in the United States, but we want to see a 2020 Honda PCX Hybrid here. The PCX Hybrid is the same weight and runs just $251 more than the PCX150, so bring it on over!

2019 Honda PCX Hybrid Specs
Type: Single-cylinder 4-stroke
Displacement: 124cc
Bore x stroke: 52.4 x 57.9mm
Compression ratio: 11.0:1
Maximum power: 12.1 horsepower @ 8500 rpm
Maximum torque: 8.9 ft/lbs @ 5000 rpm
Starting: Alternating current generator
Type: Power Drive Unit
Battery: 48V lithium ion
Maximum power: 1.9 horsepower @ 3000 rpm
Maximum torque: 3.2 ft/lbs @ 3000 rpm
Frame: Double cradle
Front suspension: Non-adjustable fork
Rear suspension: Swingarm
Tires: Michelin City Grip
Front tire: 100/80 x 14
Rear tire: 120/70 x 14
Front brake: Disc
Rear brake: Drum
ABS: Front wheel only
Wheelbase: 51.8 inches
Seat height: 30.1 inches
Curb weight: 298 pounds
Color: Pearl Dark Night Blue
2019 Honda PCX Hybrid Price: ¥432,000 MSRP