Community Motorcycle Safety AMA Adopts Official Statement on Automated Vehicles & Motorcycle Safety

AMA Adopts Official Statement on Automated Vehicles & Motorcycle Safety

AMA Official Statement on Automated Vehicles

The American Motorcyclist Association has adopted an official position statement on automated vehicles that calls on government agencies and elected officials to include motorcyclists in the ongoing discussion, planning and implementation of the policies and regulations governing the rollout of automated vehicles.

The position statement was adopted July 31 by the AMA Board of Directors.

AMA Adopts Official Statement on Automated Vehicles & Motorcycle Safety“Failure to specifically address motorcycles in statutory and regulatory language amounts to the abandonment of motorcycle safety by legislators and regulators,” the position statement reads.

“Essentially, the issue of distracted and inattentive driving will mushroom into a monumental hazard for motorcyclists when flawed AV technology enters the transportation mainstream.”

AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman said the position statement emerged from the organization’s ongoing involvement in this crucial issue and reinforces the organization’s commitment to motorcyclist safety.

“This new position statement is an essential element in the association’s continuing efforts to convince regulators, technology companies and automakers to ensure that automated vehicles fully and effectively identify and properly respond to motorcycles in all traffic situations,” Dingman said.

“We have been pursuing that goal ever since developers and manufacturers began testing these new technologies, and we will be redoubling our efforts as more companies put AVs into service on public roads.”

The AMA recognizes that some features being developed and tested may result in a reduction in the number of crashes and injuries involving motorcyclists. However, no mandate is in place to require motorcyclists are included in the discussion or that motorcycles be specifically addressed during development of detection devices and software development.

The full text of the “Automated Vehicles and the Safety of Motorcyclists” position statement is available at under the “Rights” menu tab.

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