Tourmaster Trinity Women’s Touring Boots: Review

Tourmaster Trinity Women’s Touring Boots Test

Tourmaster Trinity Women’s Touring Boots Review | Women’s Motorcycle Boots

If you’re a commuter running out the door late every day like me, you will appreciate the Tourmaster Trinity Women’s Touring boots. They are easy to slip on, comfortable enough to forget to change out of when you get to work, and they take care of your feet while they’re on the pegs.

The Trinity boots are not as tall as some full-length boots, but they have the essentials covered—they are CE rated for protection. Style details come from the application of different materials in its construction, each contributing a specific functional element to the boots.

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The polyester accordion stretch panel on the shin provides flexibility for walking, the plastic/rubber TPR shift guard protects your toe (and the boot) from the constant wear from the gearshift lever, and a woven elastic insert at the top rear of the boot makes it easier to slide your feet in.

Constructed from durable synthetic leather that is resistant to scratches, my months of hard testing haven’t left a mark on them. The Trinity boots have plenty of double stitching, as well as a wrapped sole, so they should hold up well under long-term use.

The Tourmaster Trinity boots have an effective tread pattern. I haven’t yet had the boot slip on the pavement when touching down—even when needing a bit of traction to back bikes into parking spots—so I’m impressed with the claimed oil and gas resistant sole.

For impact protection the Trinity Women’s Touring boots use molded hard plastic in the shin, toe and heel areas. The vulnerable ankle area has an added layer of protection. Inside there is a padded air mesh liner in the leg and ankle areas, and the form fit feels secure with the boots zipped up. A removable insole provides a comfortable foundation, contributing to very walkable boots that are completely comfortable straight out of the box.

Tourmaster Trinity Women’s Touring Boots Review

The soft synthetic leather uppers feel as comfortable after two months of almost daily use as they did coming out of the box. That tells you how comfortable the boots are off the shelf.

Should you live in wet conditions, you’ll appreciate the printed note inside the boot: “Water Not Included.” This tagline references Tourmaster’s OutDry membrane, which keeps your feet dry without suffocating them.

A caveat—you may need to ride sans tucked during a serious rain. The Trinity Women’s Touring boots don’t have a provision for snugging the fit around your upper calf—at least my fairly thin calves. While the full-length zipper closes the boot to a form fit, the design of the boot is wider at the top, creating a funnel of sorts for rain running down your leg.

For anyone who commutes in the dark (me!), you’ll be happy for the reflective piping and insert above the heel that gives a bit of nighttime visibility.

Tourmaster’s Trinity Women’s Touring boots are a practical, no-frills choice for everyday motorcycle riding. Covering the two basics—protection and comfort—with an under the radar look, these durable boots will keep your feet dry and securely perched on the pegs.

Tourmaster Trinity Women’s Touring Boots

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