2018 Quail Motorcycle Gathering: Ness Customs, Cafe Racers & Electrics Exposed

1967 Aermacchi Harley-Davidson 250 H
1967 Aermacchi Harley-Davidson 250 H

2018 The Quail Motorcycle Gathering: Art & Engineering

For the 10th anniversary of The Quail Motorcycle Gathering, a premier Peninsula Hotels’ Signature Event set for the Quail Lodge & Golf Club in Carmel, Calif., May 5, spectators will witness something new.

This year’s event will feature custom builds from three generations of the Ness family, and two new classes highlighting top Café Racer builds and electric motorcycles.

A worldwide leader in product design and distribution, Arlen Ness Enterprises—led by Arlen Ness, his son Cory Ness and grandson Zach Ness—is the only family-run business in the motorcycle industry featuring three generations of passionate designers. After 45 years in business, the Ness family legacy will be recognized as Arlen Ness will be named the 2018 “Legend of the Sport” and bikes from his family’s Dublin, California museum will be displayed on the event field.

2018 Quail Motorcycle Gathering: Arleen Ness Family
Legendary motorcycle designer Arlen Ness (left), his son Cory Ness (center) and grandson Zach Ness (right).

Showcasing his cutting-edge style, Arlen Ness will present some of his most iconic builds such as the Art Deco-inspired “SmoothNess” and the 1947 Harley-Davidson El Knucklehead known as “Untouchable.”

Son Cory Ness will showcase his own custom flair with one of his personal favorite builds, the “Curvaceous-Ness,” which has been featured in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Design Museum.

He will also debut his latest build, the “Single-Sided Indian Digger.” The youngest member of the Ness family enterprise, Zach Ness, will demonstrate his design perspective through a selection of bikes including a 145 Cubic Inch Chopper, an Indian Custom Scout and a Shovelhead Custom Build.

“I have lived in Northern California most of my life, so having our family, our business and our bikes featured at The Quail Motorcycle Gathering is like being honored in front of a hometown crowd,” said Arlen Ness.

1967 Aermacchi Harley-Davidson 250 H
1967 Aermacchi Harley-Davidson 250 H

“Back when I started building and riding custom bikes, if you rode a Harley or had long hair you were considered an outlaw. People didn’t want you in town. It’s been a pleasure watching how the culture has changed over the decades and being a part of it all. I can’t wait to see the bikes on the field and to meet fans and fellow riders at The Quail Motorcycle Gathering.”

In addition to the Ness family bikes, the show will also feature a collection of hand-picked Electric Motorcycles and artfully-crafted Café Racers. Renowned motorcycle seat engineer Mike Corbin will showcase a 1975 Prototype Corbin-Gentry Electric Motorcycle X2 and one of the first electric motorcycles to be registered in many states—the Corbin-Gentry X1 Electric-Powered “City Bike.”

Electric motorcycle land speed record-setting Corbin "Quicksilver"
Electric motorcycle land speed record-setting Corbin “Quicksilver”

Meanwhile, the Café Racer class will be headlined by classics such as a 1967 Triton Café Racer, a 1966 Velocette MS and an aluminum 1971 T 100 R Daytona, which was Triumph’s most popular 500 twin.

“We select bikes that truly embody the spirit of motorcycling—from the eccentric and extravagant to the traditional and timeless,” said Gordon McCall, Director of Motorsports for The Peninsula Signature Events.

“Each bike at The Quail Motorcycle Gathering will represent a historical aspect or future trend that has impacted the industry and left a legacy of inspiration regarding the way bikes will continue to be built and designed. We are proud to present these featured bikes for our 2018 show and are sure that our guests will appreciate the broad selection of bikes on display.”

Tickets to the show include a gourmet lunch, parking, and gear valet service for those riding a motorcycle. Learn more on the event website.

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Crocetti Speciale