2018 Daytona Supercross 250SX East Results and Coverage | 5 Fast Facts

2018 Daytona Supercross 250SX East Results:
A Tight Series Becomes Tighter

Last week when the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross 250SX East riders left Atlanta, only two points separated series leader Zach Osborne and challenger Austin Forkner. After the checkers were waved at the Daytona International Speedway, Osborne and Forkner are tied for points, though neither stood on the top step of the podium. Next week marks the midway point in the 250SX East season and the competition is getting heated—five of the 10 riders who have completed all of the 250SX East races had their best race at Daytona.

  1. It was Jordon Smith’s night as he led every lap he raced. Taking the holeshot and leading every lap of his Heat, Smith (Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM) went on to do the same in the Main. His win moves him from fourth to third place in the standings. Smith is now just eight points behind Forkner and Osborne, who are tied for the lead. Smith has been improving each week, with a 6-6-3-1 run.
  1. Austin Forkner moves into the lead in the standings, while tied in points with Osborne. Forkner (Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki) got off to a fourth place start and moved up to third on Lap 3 after getting around Sean Cantrell. From there, it looked like Forkner might make a run for the front as he put in the fastest lap of the race on the very next lap. However, Forkner was never able to challenge Martin, and Forkner’s two-race win streak is over. Forkner is now tied with Osborne on points, though he has an edge over Osborne due to Forkner’s back-to-back wins in Tampa and Atlanta, compared to a single win for Osborne in 2018.
  1. Squeezed off to almost last in the first turn, Zach Osborne did not podium, but battled back to an impressive fourth place result. The first turn congestion left Osborne (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing) in 20th, but just over halfway through the 14-lap race he had climbed up to fourth place. Osborne made a valiant effort to reel in Forkner, but a mistake on the last lap kept Osborne from snatching the final podium position and retaining sole possession of the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross 250SX East Championship Series lead. Instead, Osborne leaves Daytona sharing the red plate with Forkner.
  1. Jeremy Martin got off to a great second place start and maintained the position to the checkers. Martin (GEICO/Amsoil/Factory Connection/Honda) was never quite challenged by Forkner behind him, nor was Martin able to show a wheel to Smith in front, though he closed in on the final lap. The second place finish was Martin’s best of the season, and moves him from seventh to fourth in the standings, 19 points behind the leaders.
  2. RJ Hampshire crashed out for the night in his Heat, and is likely out for the season. While running second behind Osborne in Heat #1, Hampshire (GEICO Honda/Amsoil/Factory Connection) went down hard with a lap and a half remaining. A red flag was thrown so that the Alpinestars Mobile Medical team could assist Hampshire, who the GEICO Honda team reports has sustained a broken rib, collarbone, and fractures to his T3 and T4 vertebras.Photography by Simon Cudby

2018 Daytona Supercross 250SX East Results, Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, FL

  1. Jordon Smith, KTM
  2. Jeremy Martin, Honda
  3. Austin Forkner, Kawasaki
  4. Zach Osborne, Husqvarna
  5. Martin Davalos, Kawasaki
  6. Kyle Peters, Suzuki
  7. Sean Cantrell, KTM
  8. Brandon Hartranft, Yamaha
  9. Ramyller Alves, Yamaha
  10. Luke Renzland, Yamaha
  11. Joshua Cartwright, Yamaha
  12. Cody Vanbuskirk, KTM
  13. Heath Harrison, Honda
  14. Wilson Fleming, Yamaha
  15. Logan Karnow, Kawasaki
  16. Nick Gaines, Yamaha
  17. Samuel Redman, Kawasaki
  18. John Short, Yamaha
  19. Lane Shaw, Honda
  20. Richard Jackson, KTM
  21. Jimmy Decotis, Suzuki
  22. Michael Mosiman, Husqvarna

2018 Daytona Supercross 250SX East Championship Series Standings (after 4 of 9 rounds)

  1. Austin Forkner, 89 points (2 wins)
  2. Zach Osborne, 89 (1 win)
  3. Jordon Smith, 81 (1 win)
  4. Jeremy Martin, 70
  5. RJ Hampshire, 57
  6. Luke Renzland, 55
  7. Colt Nichols, 54
  8. Martin Davalos, 52
  9. Kyle Peters, 51
  10. Jimmy Decotis, 47
  11. Sean Cantrell, 42
  12. Nick Gaines, 38
  13. Dylan Ferrandis, 34
  14. Brandon Hartranft, 33
  15. Cameron McAdoo, 33
  16. John Short, 26
  17. Anthony Rodriguez, 21
  18. Cody Vanbuskirk, 20
  19. Lorenzo Locurcio, 15
  20. Ramyller Alves, 14
  21. Challen Tennant, 13
  22. Joshua Cartwright, 12
  23. Heath Harrison, 12
  24. Chris Blose, 12
  25. Michael Mosiman, 11
  26. Joshua Osby, 10
  27. Wilson Fleming, 9
  28. Jacob Williamson, 9
  29. Logan Karnow, 8
  30. Samuel Redman, 6
  31. Jayce Pennington, 6
  32. Lane Shaw, 4
  33. Richard Jackson, 3
  34. Jerry Robin, 1
  35. Zack Williams, 1