2018 Honda Ace110 First Look | Working Man’s Machine

2018 Honda Ace110 First Look | Working Man's Machine

2018 Honda Ace110 First Look

While many people think of Boko Haram when the country of Nigeria is brought up, it also happens to be the largest market for motorcycles in Africa. That’s no surprise, certainly, when you realize that the population of Nigeria is 186 million people.

Honda is attempting to capitalize on this with the new 2018 Honda Ace110, which will be marketed for use as a working machine.

2018 Honda Ace110 priceThe Honda Ace125 is already a successful motorcycle in Nigeria, and Honda is positioning the 2018 Honda Ace110 as a less expensive alternative to the larger machine. Honda sells the sportier commuter-friendly CG110 currently in Nigeria, and the Ace110 will use the same motor.

To make the 2018 Honda Ace110 more attractive to businesses, the fuel tank capacity of the Ace110 is 45 percent more than the CG110. Additionally, the Ace110 has a more comfortable seat and more robust suspension than the CG110. Honda Manufacturing (Nigeria) will be making the Ace110 in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Although we don’t have a spec sheet, it looks to have an air-cooled, two-valve, SOHC motor that is fed by a carburetor. There is a kickstarter, and we don’t see any provision for electric starting. To appeal to the business world, there is an external frame that will allow the mounting of bags and other cargo-carrying implements.

Nylon-ply Cordial tires from China are shod on the wire-spoked wheels. Drum braking is used on both wheels. Suspension is basic—standard telescopic fork and spring-preload adjustable twin shocks. Although there are no passenger pegs, the thick seat looks roomy enough for two.

2018 Honda Ace110 First Look | Working Man's MachineThe 2018 Honda Ace110 will sell for ₦220,000 (Nigerian Naira), which is the equivalent of about $600. Honda’s projection for 2018 Honda Ace110 sales is 80,000 in the first year, and 110,000 in the following year.

In 2015, one million motorcycles were sold in Nigeria, about double the number sold in the United States the same year.