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Schubert S2 Sport Test

Schubert S2 Sport Motorcycle Helmet Review | The S2 Gets Updated

The Schuberth S2 helmet has been around for many years in the German company’s lineup, and I initially didn’t notice many changes when I had the new Schuberth S2 Sport model in hand. So, I took an early S2 and set it down next to the S2 Sport.

Besides new graphics, I noticed an updated chin curtain that allows easy entry into the helmet, yet avoids pressure and wear that tend to damage this area in some helmets thus allowing more wind noise. It also helps minimize the entrance dimensions to further reduce noise.

Schubert S2 Sport Test Schuberth has also replaced its ubiquitous ratchet chinstrap with the more common double D-ring connector. I am accustomed to the easy on-and-off style Schuberth has used for years, but this is no big deal to me as it is standard on most other helmets.

I’ve heard tell of trackday riders who weren’t allowed to ride the track with the old-style ratchet closure, but this has never been the case with any trackday I have attended with the S2.