Five Reasons “Why We Ride” Motorcycles

By Kate Afanasyeva

Everyone has their own reasons to ride. Catching a high from riding is truly unique and for some, that’s exactly what it’s about – that thrill, that adrenaline, that “bombardment of the senses.”

But not all riders are out chasing the type of feeling that’s worth dying for. For majority of those who ride motorcycles, it’s much simpler than that.

We try to get really creative and colorful with our responses when asked “Why we ride”–the focus of the famed documentary–because sometimes the real reasons don’t make for very compelling answers.

Five Reasons ‘Why We Ride’ Motorcycles But truthfully, there are no wrong reasons to ride. Whatever it is that made you want to get on a bike, even if that reason doesn’t entail some out of body experience of becoming one with the machine, just own it because there is absolutely nothing wrong with whatever your reason is.

Here are some of the real reasons we ride.