2017 RedBud Motocross National 250MX Results | 8 Fast Facts

2017 RedBud Motocross 250MX Results - Jeremy Martin Holeshot
Jeremy Martin Holeshot

2017 RedBud Motocross National 250MX Results and Coverage |
Osborne Takes Charge


Zach Osborne made a big move ahead of the competition at the Rockford Fosgate RedBud National, with a strong 2-1 showing. With the series at the halfway point, Osborne leads Alex Martin, his closest challenger by 38 points. With 12 races remaining, only Osborne controls his own destiny in the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross 250MX Championship Series.

Here are the essential facts you need to know about the RedBud National.

  1. Zach Osborne couldn’t quite match Jeremy Martin in Moto 1. Osborne (Rockstar Energy/Husqvarna Factory Racing) ran near the front for most of Moto 1, and eventually did catch leader Jeremy Martin (GEICO Honda) as the clock ran out. However, a botched corner and lappers allowed Martin to escape, and Martin won handily. Osborne was hurt by his unwillingness to jump LaRocco’s Leap—a legendary uphill triple—while Martin managed the jump at crucial junctures.
2017 RedBud Motocross 250MX Results - Zach Osborne
Zach Osborne
  1. Osborne impressively came through the pack in Moto 2. In 10th at the start and eighth after the first lap, Osborne powered through the pack methodically. After eight of 16 laps, Osborne was up to fourth, and then in second place two laps later after passing Luke Renzland (Traders Racing/Yamaha) and a downed Alex Martin (Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM). Unexpected leader Mitchell Harrison (Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha) held firm for a few laps, repassing Osborne once in the process. Osborne eventually got some space, and won by less than one second—not bad after suffering an ear infection during the week.
2017 RedBud Motocross 250MX Results - Mitchell Harrison
Mitchell Harrison
  1. Mitchell Harrison surprised everyone. Harrison scored a seventh in Moto 1, his best result of the year. After the carnage resulting from Jeremy Martin’s second corner crash in Moto 2, Harrison found himself in podium position. When Alex Martin suffered an unforced error, Harrison took the lead in front of his hometown crowd. He rode over his head to repass Osborne but Osborne eventually took the lead permanently. Second place was a huge breakthrough for Harrison, who moved up to ninth in the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross 250MX Championship Series standings.
2017 RedBud Motocross 250MX Results - Jeremy Martin Holeshot
Jeremy Martin Holeshot
  1. Jeremy Martin’s crash cost him a shot at 1-1. After fending off Osborne in Moto 1, Jeremy Martin grabbed the Moto 2 holeshot. On his own, he lost the front end, collected Austin Forkner (Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki), and put himself out of contention. Jeremy Martin managed to work his way up to eighth place, putting him third overall behind his brother Alex. Making the overall podium is good, but Jeremy Martin lost nine points to leader Osborne.
2017 RedBud Motocross 250MX Results - Alex Martin
Alex Martin
  1. Alex Martin was consistent, but only because he fell in Moto 2. Alex Martin ran an uneventful Moto 1, putting himself in third on the first lap and not budging the entire moto. He looked like a potential winner in Moto 2, with so many riders held up in the Jeremy Martin crash. But, with seven minutes left on the clock, Alex Martin lost the front end in a soft corner, handing the lead to Harrison and letting Osborne move into a passing position. A 3-3 day looks good, but Alex Martin’s second place in the standing is now seven points farther behind a disappearing Osborne.

    2017 RedBud Motocross 250MX Results - Aaron Plessinger
    Aaron Plessinger
  2. After four straight podium motos, Aaron Plessinger never got on track. Plessinger (Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha) had lackluster starts and turned them into lackluster finishes. He showed some life in Moto 1, but finished outside of the top ten in Moto 2. Plessinger was within striking distance of third place Jeremy Martin, but Plessinger is now 19 points behind Jeremy and 64 points off the leader’s total.

    2017 RedBud Motocross 250MX Results - Savatgy
    Joey Savatgy
  3. Pro Circuit’s Mitch Payton can’t be happy. The highly regarded Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Team is struggling. Although Austin Forkner managed a seventh overall after the Jeremy Martin incident at the start of Moto 2, his teammates Joey Savatgy and Adam Cianciarulo were never competitive with anyone. Savatgy was 11-10 with Cianciarulo 8-13, putting them 10th and 11th overall. Justin Hill was 17th in Moto 1, and his fifth in Moto 2 was his best of the year; that was still only good for 12th overall. This is a team expected to challenge for the championship, and Forkner is leading the way for Pro Circuit—in fifth, 70 points behind Osborne.
  4. Privateer Josh Osby had a good day. Before the race, a frustrated Osby tweeted, “It’s no wonder why privateers can’t afford to race. Just renewed my card and signed up for Redbud. Should of just sent them my whole wallet.” The MotorcycleSuperstore.com-sponsored #487 had a 15-17 day with his light wallet, good for 17th overall on his KTM and 10 points in the series—not bad for his first National of 2017.

 Photography by Jeff Kardas

2017 Rockford Fosgate RedBud National Pro Motocross 250MX Results, Buchanan, MI

  1. Zach Osborne, 2-1, 47 points
  2. Alex Martin, 3-3, 40
  3. Jeremy Martin, 1-8, 38
  4. Mitchell Harrison, 7-2, 36
  5. Dylan Ferrandis, 5-4, 25
  6. Aaron Plessinger, 6-11, 25
  7. Austin Forkner, 4-14, 25
  8. Shane McElrath, 9-9, 24
  9. Chase Sexton, 12-7, 23
  10. Joey Savatgy, 11-10, 21
  11. Adam Cianciarulo, 8-13, 21
  12. Justin Hill, 17-5, 20
  13. Colt Nichols, 10-12, 20
  14. Luke Renzland, 20-6, 14
  15. Kyle Cunningham, 14-16, 12
  16. Nick Gaines, 13-18, 11
  17. Josh Osby, 15-17, 10
  18. Lorenzo Locurcio, 24-15, 6
  19. Sean Cantrell, 16-21, 5
  20. Bradley Taft, 18-28, 3

2017 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross 250MX Championship Standings (6 of 12 rounds)
1. Zach Osborne, 254 points (5 moto wins)
2. Alex Martin, 216 (1 moto win)
3. Jeremy Martin, 209 (3 moto wins)
4. Aaron Plessinger, 190 (1 moto win)
5. Austin Forkner, 184
6. Adam Cianciarulo, 168
7. Joey Savatgy, 165 (1 moto win)
8. Dylan Ferrandis, 152 (1 moto win)
9. Mitchell Harrison, 147
10. Colt Nichols, 144
11. Shane McElrath, 126
12. Justin Hill, 88
13. Sean Cantrell, 88
14. Michael Mosiman, 64
15. Luke Renzland, 61

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