MV Agusta RVS#1 Unveiled: First Look Fast Facts (+ Video)

MV Agusta RVS#1

MV Agusta RVS#1 Preview

In mid May, MV Agusta teased a new motorcycle in typical MVA fashion: an image, short video, and one line of text: “This new atelier reinterprets the idea of ​​exclusivity and customization that has always been part of MV Agusta history.”

A month later, the company of Varese, Italy, has finally pulled the covers off the bike. As we expected, the bike caters to the street Scrambler scene, but in a totally unique way.

Meet the MV Agusta RVS#1, the first-ever project created by “Reparto Veicoli Speciali” (Special Vehicles Operations), which combines the talents of both the designers and engineers at MV Agusta’s Castiglioni Research Centre.

This division is “short for design and engineering at the very highest level. Not just quality, but perfection. Not just research, but vision. Not just performance, but emotions.”

MV Agusta RVS#1

One look at the RVS#1 and we concur with the attributes of the division. Following are the Fast Facts of this new limited-edition MV Agusta (total number of builds and price not reported).

1. Built on the Dragster 800 RR platform, the RVS#1 arrives with the in-line three-cylinder 800cc engine that produces 150 horsepower @ 12,800 rpm.

2. Due to the use of lightweight parts—some made of titanium—the MV Agusta RVS#1 weighs 353 lbs. wet, 18 lbs. less than the standard Dragster 800 RR.

3. The RVS#1’s main tubular steel trellis frame features the traditional aeronautical-grade aluminum alloy side plates. The model name and bike number is engraved into the right-side plate

4. The RVS#1 arrives with SC-Project titanium exhaust (not road legal), providing additional performance and weight savings. MV Agusta says the exhaust “gives the rear of the RVS#1 rugged personality, bringing out the bike’s refined yet muscled design.” Again, we concur.

5. Every single RVS#1 machine has a numbered, CNC-machined titanium badge on the steering head.

6. The RVS#1’s brake and clutch lines are model-specific, along with the Braking Sunstar Batfly front discs. The brake and clutch fluid reservoir caps are made of billet aluminum.

7. The RVS#1 arrives with Kineo wire-spoked wheels with red highlights. The wheels are shod with Pirelli MT 60 RS tires.

8. The LED headlight’s outer ring reproduces a part of the MV Agusta logo. The headlight is also adaptive; the LEDs come on/go out depending on the speed and tilt of the bike, lighting up the appropriate section of road.

9. The rear LED light cluster ensures optimal motorcycle visibility and features a new “smoked” cover.

MV Agusta RVS#1 fast facts

10. The gas tank has been machined so that titanium strips can be set in it, “making an already original design inimitable.”

11. The seat was redesigned to enhance ergonomics and comfort, and arrives with a honeycomb pattern with the bike’s signature skull drawing on the rear portion.

12. The right-hand side of the bike features a pair of LED spotlights, exclusive to the RVS#1. Mounted on a light carbon-fiber support, the two LED lights are controlled by a dedicated handlebar switch and are connected to a pair of on-off status indicators.

13. The rider footpegs – anodized and then CNC machine-finished – take their cue from the MV Agusta cogwheel logo.

MV Agusta didn’t release any further information in regards to price or availability, but this is surely something that collectors will crave. We can’t wait to see one in person. Until then, we’ll continue to gawk at the video and these photos.

MV Agusta RVS#1 | Photo Gallery