Monster Moto Mini Bikes First Look | Mommy’s Little Monsters

Monster Moto Mini Bikes First Look | Mommy’s Little Monsters

Monster Moto Mini Bikes First Look

Monster Moto Mini Bikes First Look | Mommy’s Little MonstersWhen we first laid eyes on the Monster Moto 80cc mini bike, our thoughts immediately went to the Taco minibikes that launched countless motorcycle riding careers in the 1960s and subsequent decades.

Like the Taco minis, the Monster Moto Mini is powered by a low-horsepower, high-torque, 80cc lawnmower-style motor with an auto-clutch single-speed transmission and recoil pull-starting. There’s no suspension, only a rear brake, and the frame is basic—it’s a spartan machine.

While off-road families on a budget will flock to the $400 bike due to its price—and it’s fine for that—we were intrigued by the ability to pick up the classic pit bike for petty cash. We rode it in a parking lot, and the Monster Moto Mini is great for that intended use—tons of fun to ride.

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With a seat height less than two feet and a wheelbase under a yard, anyone can handle the small (but not too small) Monster Moto Mini. For transport to the track, it doesn’t take up nearly as much space as a full-size scooter.

Absurdly, legal requirements mean that Monster Moto has to say the Mini is for riders 16 or over—we’ve seen the same sort of nonsense in the ATV world. We trust parents to make smart choices for their children.

The other Monster Moto product that caught our eyes was the E-Mini. With prices starting at $250 ($280 for the RCH Racing E-Mini shown in the back of Editor Don Williams’ abused Toyota Tundra 4×4), the E-Mini is minuscule. Although the recommended minimum age is six years old, we suspect parents will use common sense when deciding the right age to start taking the E-Mini for a ride.

Monster Moto has the E-Mini governed to either 11 mph or 7 mph, so parents have control over the speed of the bike. The seat height is 17.5 inches and the wheelbase just over two feet, so it is too small for an adult, but just right for many young riders. In addition to the RCH Racing E-Mini—which is the obvious choice—you can save $30 and get an E-Mini in red/black or pink/black. C’mon, dad, that yellow RCH Racing E-Mini is calling.

No fly-by-night company, Monster Moto operates out of a 100,000 square-foot building in Ruston, Louisiana, and the bikes are assembled there from imported parts. There’s a 90-day warranty, and 600 service centers to take care of a Monster Moto mini, should it need it.

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