Haaker Redefines ‘Gnarliest Lap You’ll Ever See’ | HEATER Video

Haaker Redefines 'Gnarliest Lap You'll Ever See' | HEATER Video
Colton Haaker in HEATER

Colton Haaker HEATER Video

If you’re not familiar with the name Colton Haaker, you’re about to be. The world renowned Enduro rider has been teasing his new edit known as HEATER, and the name is more than fitting. Completed in association with Plaeco, a lifestyle brand that supports Haaker, the video showcases jaw dropping riding from the Enduro champ.

The edit has been promoted as “The gnarliest lap you’ll ever see…” and while I typically write those kinds of statements off as marketing hyperbole, this truly lives up to that statement. In fact, it goes well beyond that.

Kicking it off with an art-house vibe, and an eye for the dramatic, the video displays Haaker’s bike control from the moment he charges the gate. It’s always been said that motorcycle riders should start in the dirt, and Haaker is probably making many riders second guess their beginnings.

In a word, it’s phenomenal; with a seemingly unending reservoir of style, Haaker throws some text-book whips, directly into a fast-plant 270. If that isn’t enough to pique your attention, perhaps you’re in the wrong sport.

Without a doubt, this has to be one of my favorite edits to date, simply because of Haaker’s flow. It brings a palate cleansing freshness to the sport that is absolutely inspiring. Want to spark the next generation’s interest in riding? Show them this.


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