Kawasaki to Develop Motorcycles with Artificial Intelligence Technology

Kawasaki to Use Artificial Intelligence to Develop Motorcycles
Kawasaki RIDEOLOGY Development

Kawasaki to Devlop Motorcycles with AI

Kawasaki to Use Artificial Intelligence to Develop Motorcycles
Kawasaki RIDEOLOGY Development

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, which manufacturers Kawasaki motorcycles, heavy equipment, aerospace and defense machines, has reported that it will begin developing motorcycles that can speak directly to the rider through the use of ICT (Information and Communications Technology), which includes AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Using “Emotion Generation Engine” and “Natural Language Dialogue System,” the motorcycle will be able to directly communicate with the rider via voice. This will allow the motorcycle to understand the owner’s riding style, and update its suspension and engine settings to accommodate the owner’s riding style. The system, currently under development by cocoro SB Corp., will allow the motorcycle to communicate with the rider by recognizing emotion in the sound of the rider’s voice.

“Accessing Kawasaki’s bank of analytical chassis and performance data, the system will be able to offer the rider pertinent hints for enhanced riding enjoyment, or relay information as the situation dictates. Through advanced electronic management technology, having the system update machine settings based on the rider’s experience, skill and riding style will also be possible,” Kawasaki says.

Kawasaki reports that the more the motorcycle and rider interact, the stronger the bond. This communication will allow the motorcycle to develop a unique personality reflecting the individual idiosyncrasies of the rider.

Kawasaki says its motorcycles are products of “RIDEOLOGY” – a rider-centric development philosophy that will amp up the fun and reward factors of riding:  “In order to deliver exciting motorcycles that are fun and rewarding to ride, Kawasaki will continue to take full advantage of the vast experience and combined technological resources of the KHI Group as it explores novel approaches in the development of new products and technologies,” Kawasaki says.

Kawasaski has yet to release any dates for when prototypes using Information and Communications Technology will be available.


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