GIVI TREKKER Dolomiti Side Cases Now For Sale in USA

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GIVI TREKKER Dolomiti Side Cases – Motorcycle Luggage

GIVI TREKKER Dolomiti Side Cases Now For Sale in USAFor the touring and ADV folks out there, you’ll now have another choice when deciding on some quality side cases. GIVI USA has just announced that its new TREKKER Dolomiti Side Cases are available for purchase stateside.

GIVI is well known for its luggage and accessories, and this is just another fine addition to its bustling lineup. Often times, when purchasing a new set of side cases, you’ll need to spring for matching mounting system but the new DLM36 TREKKER Dolomiti make use of the tried-and-true PL and PLR Monokey mounting systems, so if you’re already a happy GIVI customer, you’ll be able to use your existing mounts.

Also included is a third lock cylinder to match any existing GIVI Top Case lock (some compatibility issues may apply) along with two adapters to convert PL and PLR mounts so they can be used with the Dolomiti. If your cases have seen better days, or suffered some damage over the years, these may be the bags you’re looking for.

The aluminum Dolomiti cases have a current MSRP of $700 and are available to US customers now.

GIVI TREKKER Dolomiti Side Cases Key Features:

  • 36 liter cases
  • Hybrid die stamping + single sheet construction
  • Light weight, secure, rugged, and waterproof aluminum construction
  • Fully removable lids
  • Easy adaptable to any PL or PLR Monokey side case mounts
  • Automotive derived GIVI Security Locks
  • Integrated rubberized handles
  • Integrated loops for straps and cargo nets

If you’d like to purchase a set of TREKKER Dolomiti Side Cases, please visit GIVI USA for more information.

Also be sure to check out GIVI social media profiles, for helpful tips and the latest updates to its product lines. Follow GIVI on Facebook and Instagram.

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