Vulcans Invade Wisconsin! Kawasaki Vulcans, That Is

Vulcans Invade Wisconsin! Kawasaki Vulcans, That Is
Kawasaki Vulcans Invade Wisconsin!

Vulcans Invade Wisconsin!

Vulcans Invade Wisconsin! Kawasaki Vulcans, That Is
Kawasaki Vulcans Invade Wisconsin!

Kawasaki Vulcans, that is.

This story comes by way of a completely unplanned meeting of motorcycles on a back road in Richland County, Wis.

I was on my way home from the local Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BRP and you-name-it-they-sell-it dealer when I encountered in-bound motorcycles. Lots and lots of motorcycles, all apparently headed for Vetesnik Power Sports, where I had come from.

I went on my way, but then had another encounter with riders on a Vulcan trike that belonged with that huge pack of riders I had met, but had gotten separated from. They asked directions to the “large motorcycle dealer around here” and that could only be Vetesnik’s in the Richland Center area.

After giving directions and they went on their way, I decided to head back to Vetesnik’s after taking care of my business in town. When I got there, I discovered the place had been invaded by Vulcans—those ridden by the members of the Vulcan Riders Association, that is.

Vuclans Rider Association in WisconsinTurns out, by happy coincidence, I had stumbled on one of the road riding events of the 2016 National Vulcan Rally, running from July 12 to 14 here in Wisconsin, hosted by the South Central WI Vulcan Riders Association 1-49.

The National Rally is dubbed the “Badgerland Bash” in honor of Wisconsin’s state animal, the badger (not the mosquito as many have suggested.)

Operating out of lodgings in Reedsburg, Wis., the VRA membership along with other rider groups that are welcome to attend set out on group rides to various points of interest in the region.

“I’m not sure how many registered riders we have right now and there may be some that have just joined, but we have a pretty good group this year,” explained VRA National President, Randy Young.

“We are mainly Vulcan riders, but there are riders of other makes and models in the mix, as well,” explained one of the riders enjoying some food and beverages at Vetesnik’s.

By my unofficial count, about 100 bikes were in the group by the time I arrived.

For additional information, visit the Vulcan Riders Association.

Photos by Gary Ilminen

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